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10 Best Must-Have Fashion Accessories For Spring/Summer 2022!

Being fashionable is like always being trendy and styling yourself in a way as if it seems so effortless. Accessories add extra beauty to your overall look. Getting the appropriate accessories that match your attire ideally is a rare thing to be achieved easily. Want to know what is trending and what fashion accessories you need to be trendy this season? Have a look below! Shop Now at Saks fifth Avenue

THE COMEBACKS OF ’90s and 00’s – Old is Gold!

Every twenty years, trends make comebacks differently. So this year’s summer/spring best fashion accessories are full of styles from the ’90s and ’00s. Bright hues are best for summer/spring, like orange, green, or yellow gives a warm feeling. Trends can emerge on or off the runway. Some of the styles are embellished clothes, skinny cat-suits, or closing prints. 

Timeless and Classis- these are the two best-fitting words for 2022 summer/spring fashion accessories. Nothing can be better than using classic fashion elements with a modern twist. The top 10 must-have accessories in your wardrobe for this spring/ summer are:


Add a beret with a net in your wardrobe if you want to unleash your inner Parisian chic.

  • If you are a fun-loving person, place your beret a little crooked and feel the jauntiness. Even Queen once wore her hat backward – so there is no harm in breaking the standard fashion rules.
  • If you want to add some extra height, go for tucking the beret base beneath itself. The fabric will drape over the band around your head and be great with a long coat.
  • Wear minimal jewelry to pull attention towards your bold headpiece.

Purple bags are trendy, and you can use them in so many ways:

  • If you want to have a relaxed look during the day, pair a purple sling bag with a short floral dress and some ankle boots to complement the look.
  • Have a party to attend? Pair up a purple clutch bag with a blue embellished dress. This will add a pop of color to your look and make you stand out.
  • You can also pair it up with a monochrome outfit if you want your bag to do all the talking.

Every fashion lover must have this in their wardrobe. A layered double chain necklace creates the illusion of a longer neck.

  • Add a golden layered double chain necklace to a tan outfit to show your edgy side.
  • Adding two necklaces with the same design in an outfit will give you a punk look.

This classic piece of jewelry can take your look from chic to complete punk.


A scarf adds a classic retro vibe to all women’s looks loved. If you like the messy boho look, tie a top half knot with a scarf and use your hand to gather your hair instead of a comb. 

You can connect the ends of the scarf under your chin if you want to try a look by Grace Kelly. One can find various sizes and patterns in our online store’s wide range of head scarfs.


Rich emerald to lush olive green accessories is the center of this season.

  • Look gorgeous in green by putting your best foot in emerald shoes.
  • Mix and match your look with neon glasses and boots if you want a funky look like Billie Eilish.
  • Look royal by carrying an olive tote bag with a light-colored dress.

Having so many shades of green can fit in your every look.


Do you want to have an hourglass look or need something to break your monochrome look? This oversized accessory will look best with brown or black companies, but white and greys are also suggested. All you need is a wide waist belt. You can pair it up with sweaters, long blazers, cardigans or even with a body-hugging outfit.


When in doubt, wear pearls! Pearl jewelry goes with anything and everything. You can use them as daily wear and even pair them up at parties and occasions.

  • Go for necklaces and earrings with cream gems of unique shapes for a traditional look.
  • For a classy look, pair your pearls with neutral shades or silhouettes.
  • For a trendy Instagram-worthy look, pair them up with your cardigan or t-shirt.
  • Use the jewelry on your hair for a cute look, or use them as anklets.

A gold hoop is a must in everyone’s wardrobe- from a teenager to your late 40’s, hoops suit every age! Pair them with any outfit of your choice, and you are ready in zero time and effort. 

Statement hoops are the most versatile of all the accessories one can have this season! This spring or summer, don’t just go for everyday gold hoops but add them. Added logos, chains, twists and embellishments make each pair different from the others.


Women always love high heels but this time, add a chunky platform high heel boot to your wardrobe. It comes in various sizes- from ankle length to medium length to somewhere over the knees; choose what suits you best for your look! You can pair it up with your mini dress or midi skirts or with a trench coat- the center of attention will be your bold boots.


Give some freshness and fun to your classic look by adding colorful Prada gloves to your hands! These bold and bright gloves will instantly upgrade your style. Use them for color blocking or pair them with a monochrome look. You can wear them with oversized coats, blouses, sweaters, etc.


The 2022 season is all about the iconic accessories with a modern twist. Fashion lovers will love that the classic pieces are back in trend, and one can wear them anywhere they want. So, don’t just wait and watch them on the internet. Get all these fashionable trendy accessories for yourself at our store!

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