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10 European Summer Fashion Trends I’ll 100% Be Trying

People in Europe, especially the countries that are closer to the equator, really know how to dress for summer, their looks anchored with an effortlessness that’s difficult to emulate. Difficult, but not impossible. Embracing the sun-kissed season, stylish Europeans (and those visiting the region) are opting for breezy silhouettes, vibrant colours, and lightweight fabrics to inform their summer wares, and I for one wouldn’t mind dressing like them. So, let’s take a look at the European summer fashion trends that are currently dominating, shall we?

I don’t know what it is, but Europeans have a penchant for ’90s-style dressing. This is something I see everywhere, Calais to Capri. For example, setting sensible shoes to one side for a second, people from across the continent seem to share an affinity for Carrie Bradshaw circa 1999 mules. In terms of prints and colours, the general consensus seems to be the sassier, the better. This such notion transcends across many of the other European summer fashion trends I’ve unearthed in my search. 

From dresses to co-ords right the way through to jewellery and, yes, pretty shoes, scroll on to see the looks and aesthetics that are already sweeping Europe this summer. 

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