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16 Sneakers to Wear With Jeans, Dresses, and Leggings

As fashion editors who appreciate comfort and find ourselves in need of more casual clothing and footwear than ever before (since we’re spending far less time in an office these days), we really value a great pair of sneakers. And equally as important as comfort is that they’re stylish and can be worn with basically anything.

By anything, we specifically mean jeans, dresses, and sneakers—aka the most common things to wear with sneakers, but not every pair of sneakers look good with all three of those items. Some are a bit too sporty, some a bit too dressy, and so on. But we’ve found highly adaptable sneakers that make anything they’re paired with look that much cooler.

Below, you’ll find 16 pairs of sneakers our editors routinely swear by, along with some of our favorite new styles for spring that we’ve yet to try (but would certainly like to).

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