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24 Pairs of Designer Shoes on Sale This Summer

As born-and-bred fashion people, it’s not surprising that the whole Who What Wear team of editors is powerless before a good pair of designer shoes. We grew up idolising Carrie Bradshaw after all. (How did she afford all those pairs?!) But if there’s one thing we love more than Manolos, it’s Manolos on sale. 

Yes, it’s that time of year when brands and retailers throw discounts at us in their summer sales. It pays to shop them wisely, though, and consult our thorough expert-backed guides on what’s actually worth investing in to avoid any buyer’s remorse or impulsive purchases. 

Of course, if we believe anything, it’s that a great pair of designer shoes is never a bad idea, whether you love a classic leather style perfect for a minimalist’s capsule wardrobe or fabulous heels to wear with everything from your favourite Levi’s to showstopping dresses. I’ve personally scrolled through thousands of pages of sale products to bring you 24 pairs of designer shoes on sale for a short time only that (in my opinion) constitute a complete steal. From iconic Manolo Blahniks and timeless Chloé sandals to crystal-embellished Amina Muaddi heels and The Row boots, you’ll hardly believe your luck. 

Keep scrolling to indulge your inner Carrie and get the kind of dopamine hit that will last. 

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