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25 Lightweight Handbags We’ll Be Carrying All Summer

The beauty of summer is its inherently carefree nature. Plans are overrated as it’s all about figuring out ways to enjoy the warm weather spontaneously- cue the last-minute weekend beach trips, and long, late nights aimlessly getting into everything and anything. That spirit is precisely why once May hits I leave all of my big, heavy bags on the backburner. Sure, they may be useful for schlepping around extras, but it’s far from convenient once that after-work meetup turns into an impromptu night of bar hopping. But it’s not just the ability to pack lightly that’s won me over: I find myself walking so much more during the warm months, and a heavy shoulder full of junk gets old fast. 

In their place, I’m going for bags that are as lightweight and compact as possible. That includes swapping full-on leather bags with bulky buckles for raffia totes and crossbody mini bags that are a fraction of the weight. To check out all the cute and practical bags I currently have my eye on, keep scrolling.

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