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30 Fall Fashion Items You Can Feel Good About Shopping

Writing about sustainability in fashion journalism is like walking a tightrope—it must be done with precaution. Some brands will often make big claims using buzzwords like “sustainable” and “ethically sourced” when addressing their environmental impact, and while this is a conversation that certainly needs to be had, it’s a tricky one to navigate because the standards are still being set. But have no fear—there are many brands that deserve to be acknowledged for the progress they’ve made so far (and the very on-trend apparel and accessories that have resulted).

I’ve made the personal commitment to prioritize purchases that I can feel good about, whether they’re made from recycled materials or simply timeless enough to wear year after year. The following 30 items currently fit that bill, and they’re too good not to share. Keep scrolling to shop all my favorite feel-good items, from cashmere sweaters to Western-inspired accessories.

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