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30 Must-See New ASOS Finds That Just Arrived at Nordstrom

It should come as no surprise that I spend a lot of time perusing the endless digital pages that make up But even someone who visits the retailer’s online site as much as I do can’t simply scroll and scroll without a few time-saving measures. That’s when filters come into play, specifically brand filters, which I use day in and day out to decipher what’s exciting at Nordstrom at any given moment and what we’ve all already seen. And today’s discovery is anything but old news.

My mission was to see what ASOS has been up to since the last time I checked up on the UK-based fast-fashion brand. And as if it were calling out to my subconscious, Nordstrom had just dropped a ton—we’re talking five pages full—of brand-new arrivals from the label, a majority of which are under $100 and genuinely worth buying. From slouchy cargo pants to silky slip dresses, the newly dropped selection easily made my mission a success. Now, it’s your turn. Scroll down to shop my top 30 finds from ASOS’s new drop at Nordstrom.

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