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5 Jackets to Go With Dresses That Look Good Every Time

Though summer seems to still be clinging on, soon enough the cooler autumn days will set in. When this happens, temperatures won’t quite reach the warmth required to go without an extra layer, and we recommend wearing yours with one item in particular: a jacket. You might not think it, but dresses and jackets are notoriously difficult to style together. With varying lengths, it doesn’t take much, perhaps an inch in either direction, to throw off your look. And of course, this isn’t what you want or deserve.

Fret not, though, for we’ve found five foolproof jackets to go with dresses—a formidable outfit combination that’ll see you through autumn and beyond. Whether your style errs on the casual side or you prefer a more polished way of dressing, our fashion friends have your next dress-and-jacket outfit sorted. So what are you waiting for? Give your jeans and jumpers a break, and keep scrolling to see and shop our favourite jackets to wear with dresses.

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