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6 Pieces You’ll Find in Victoria Beckham’s Party Wardrobe

Ask anyone shopping for a party look over the festive season, and you’re likely to find that everyone is searching for the same key factors: something that can be considered a showstopper, something you can feel comfortable in, something that won’t break the bank and pieces that look, dare I say, “posh”. Well, who better to turn to for tips on elegant formal dressing than the queen of polish herself—Victoria Beckham. It’s been a good year for VB, style-wise. Rolls Royce quips aside, we’ve noticed her penchant for affordable accessorising, taken notes on how to do quiet luxury and stopped tailoring our trousers to channel her nonchalant, long-legged silhouette. But it’s her evening outfits that have our full attention right now, particularly in the run-up to party season. And if you too have tried (and vetoed) plenty of “jeans and a nice top” combos and own more LBDs than anyone could wear in a lifetime, it might be time to try something new. 

Beckham is a dab hand at making formal attire feel fresh—take her affinity for leggings and blazers as an example. Two easy pieces that we likely all have in our wardrobes but hadn’t considered wearing together for parties until VB gave them a designer spin. And maxi dress fans, pay close attention; you’re far more likely to spot Beckham in a stunning sweeping hemline than you are a micro-mini these days, and if it gets her seal of approval, you know it’s a trend worth bookmarking. 

So, if you’re looking for party outfits and don’t know where to start, keep scrolling to see the dressy pieces that VB wears reliably on rotation for her most important events. (And hint: it doesn’t include black, bandeau minidresses). 

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