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9 Casual Outfit Ideas That Always Work, No Questions Asked

The best outfits are the ones you can assemble with minimal effort and wear, well, anywhere that doesn’t have a fancy dress code. Although they can sometimes become eclipsed by the high-octane, sparkle-clad looks that populate our feeds, casual outfits deserve the same consideration, attention, and admiration. After all, they’re what the majority of us spend most of our time in, so nailing your casual outfit repertoire isn’t just advisable—it’s integral to honing your desired aesthetic.

If like me, you’re currently feeling as if you have nothing to wear, I went ahead and did a little Instagram scrolling to find the casual outfit ideas to try right now. I deliberately chose looks I figure you should be able to re-create with pieces from your own wardrobe, though admittedly, there are a few of-the-moment items that will help your wares feel current.

From essential jeans-and-T-shirt pairings to some fresh ways to partner up your separates, these are the nine casual outfit ideas to try this weekend (and every weekend that follows).

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