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For more than 25 years, ALTERNATE has stood for service, competence, experience, and innovation as one of Germany’s largest e-commerce enterprises. ALTERNATE is also a renowned online retailer and knowledgeable advisor in the fields of information technology, consumer electronics, home, garden, outdoor, tools, and toys. For more than 25 years, ALTERNATE has stood for service, competence, experience, and innovation as one of Germany’s largest e-commerce enterprises. ALTERNATE is also a renowned online retailer and knowledgeable advisor in the fields of information technology, consumer electronics, home, garden, outdoor, tools, and toys.

ALTERNATE began as a modest business in 1992 and soon established a name for itself in the IT industry thanks to a continually growing and highly driven team that is full of innovation and eager to take chances. With a keen sense of new trends and a start-up in 1997 as one of the first suppliers to offer products via the Internet through an online shop, the company has expanded quickly and established itself as a pioneer in a completely new sales channel.

The product range has grown steadily over the years to encompass more than 85,000 items; the core range of traditional IT goods has been broadened in stages to include many additional sectors. ALTERNATE sells its products to private and commercial customers in Germany and other European nations through two local storefronts and webshops. A storage area of more than 45,000m2 and a cutting-edge logistics system assure excellent availability of goods and prompt delivery to consumers. Every day, more than 800 staff attend to the orders, requests, inquiries, and concerns of clients, ensuring a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

The result: ALTERNATE has been named a test winner multiple times throughout the years, by several journals as well as by consumers. In 2017, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce recognized this by awarding ALTERNATE the company prize in the category of “Trade and Services.”

Aside from financial interests, ALTERNATE invests in vocational training, environmental preservation, and resource sustainability, and is once again a trailblazer in these areas. ALTERNATE demonstrates its environmental consciousness and resource conservation by introducing CO2-neutral shipping and being an EMAS-certified company.

For more than 20 years, ALTERNATE has been preparing young people for their professional future through high training standards, intimate involvement in work processes, and practical, independent project work. Over 60 young people are being trained in commercial, technical, and logistical fields at the same time.

ALTERNATE provides an excellent start to a career by providing thorough vocational training in a forward-thinking organization in modern industry. Nothing prevents you from being hired as an employee with internal promotion chances if you perform well. Former trainees have frequently filled management posts in the past.

Awards and recognizations


ALTERNATE tops in the PCGH readers’ poll

01/2022 ALTERNATE reigns supreme in the PCGH readers’ poll once more. Readers of PC Games Hardware (PCGH) participate in the annual readers’ poll at the end of the year to vote on their favorite games from the previous year. In 30 categories, you can choose from the most popular games, the best innovations, the most persuasive hardware components, and the most innovative manufacturers. For all categories, the editors of the PCGH prepare a pre-selection, which is subsequently voted on.

more information.


Twice #1: ALTERNATE in the PCGH readers’ poll

In the PCGH readers’ poll, ALTERNATE was voted #1 twice.

Well-loved traditions should not be forgotten in 2020. As a result, PC Games Hardware (PCGH) held a reader vote near the close of the year. Once again, all participants had the opportunity to vote for their favorite items and manufacturers from the previous year. This year, ALTERNATE is one of the winners in two categories, taking first place in both!


ALTERNATE is one of Germany’s best online shops

What distinguishes an excellent online store? What is the value for money and what is the offer? What about the website and customer service? What about shipping and returns? Or the terms of the order and payment? A combination of all of the above characteristics is likely to determine if an online store is nice and trustworthy, or whether you want to stay away from it. ALTERNATE has been named one of “Germany’s finest online shops 2020” in the field of “Electronics (without branch network).”


PCGH Readers’ Choice: ALTERNATE twice at the top

It’s become a tradition for PC Games Hardware readers to choose their favorites from the previous year, the best inventions, the most exciting items, and the most inventive manufacturers, at the start of each year. This year, ALTERNATE was able to reassert itself and take the top spot in two categories: best mail-order company of the year and full PCs. 


ALTERNATE awarded the “Webshop Award Germany”.

The voting for “Retailer of the Year” and “Webshop Award Germany” was decided based on price, promotions and offers, product quality, and many other factors. Consumers voted for the finest chain stores and online retailers using an online survey performed by Q&A Insights Europe BV. Customers chose ALTERNATE the best online shop in the “Webshop Award Germany – Electronics” category.


The “German Online Trade Award 2019” goes to ALTERNATE

ALTERNATE has won the “German Online Trade Award 2019” in the category “Consumer Electronics.” That’s what the Balloni Halls in Cologne-Ehrenfeld sounded like on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019. The greatest internet service companies in Germany were recognized at this event. Above all, ALTERNATE was front and center.


ALTERNATE again at the top of the hardware mailers

The highest compliment they can receive is an award from one of their clients. This year, ALTERNATE may look forward to two special trophies thanks to the PC Games Hardware. In the Complete PCs category, readers voted ALTERNATE “Hardware Shipper of the Year 2018” and “Manufacturer of the Year 2018.”

ALTERNATE logistics in formations

ALTERNATE continues to astound its clients with its lightning-fast delivery speeds. The foundation of this business is advanced warehouse and shipping operations.

For warehouse management, order picking, and shipping, ALTERNATE employs the most up-to-date software and conveyor systems. With a combined storage area of 45,000m2, Germany’s four state-of-the-art central warehouses can ship up to 10,000 packages every day.

The logistical capacities have been and continue to be developed and upgraded to keep up with the company’s excellent development. While many other companies strive to save money by outsourcing warehouse logistics, ALTERNATE chooses to keep everything in-house.

Customers benefit from the independence from external service providers in the following ways: a wide choice of products, with the majority of items available for immediate delivery, accurate stock and delivery information, and quick delivery.

ALTERNATE ensures that all products are packaged in a safe and recyclable manner for transit. ALTERNATE only works with high-performance and dependable delivery providers to ensure that the delivery reaches the customer safely.



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