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An Honest Review of Larry King’s My Nanna’s Mousse

If you’d have asked me to try a volumising hair mousse a couple of years ago, I would have definitely (politely) declined. You see, me and hair mousse haven’t always had the smoothest of rides. But before I get into that, let me tell you a little bit about my hair.

I have quite a lot of it, so you may be wondering why I would want to try a volumising product in the first place. Although my hair might look thick, the strands themselves are actually quite fine, and my hair always tends to fall flat at the roots. So, back in my early twenties, I gave one or two hair mousses a go, and was disappointed by how much residue was left behind. Instead of adding volume, my hair felt greasy, a little bit crispy and really weighed down, meaning that the effect the product had on my roots was the opposite of what I was hoping for. 

From then onwards, I decided to steer clear of volumising mousses altogether, and whenever I wanted a bouncy blow dry, I’d rely on my hairdresser to deliver the goods. However, I recently discovered that Larry King himself had brought out his own hair mousse called My Nanna’s Mousse as a nod to his nanna’s voluminous locks.

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