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Buy Best Sim-Only Products At About Simyo

Simyo is a company that supplies SIM-only products for mobile phones. It is part of KPN and as a Simyo consumer, you also use the KPN network. Simyo was voted Best Mobile Provider of the Netherlands in July 2015. So a reliable company. As marketing, Simyo does not use expensive campaigns, but they say they ask ordinary Simyo users for their opinion and experiences.


Simyo is a mobile provider for both sim-only subscriptions and sim-only prepaid for mobile. To make this attractive, Simyo has several eye-catchers, including:

– Always access your credit and consumption via the app or online

– Adjust your bundle for free

– Trusted and safe via the KPN network

At Simyo you can adjust your subscription every month, and not only upwards, but also downwards.

To make it even more attractive to become a customer at Simyo, they have the so-called Friends deal. This means that if you add another one to Simyo, you each get a tenner credit on your sim. This all happens through your own ‘shop.’

In addition to SIM cards, Simyo also supplies individual mobile phones, at a glance in the shop it appears that these are mainly older models. However, because they are somewhat older models, the prices can be stunted. If you are already a Simyo customer, you can get an extra discount on a new device. This way you pay off your device all at once instead of paying extra every month to pay off your device, as with many subscriptions.

Simyo Tariff Advantages

  • The prices and conditions of the best Simyo rates are very interesting: for 20 euros per month, you can contract a rate with more than 30 GB without call limits. Combining more than 10 GB with its fiber does not reach 30 euros and its most expensive package (with 300 Mb and 35 GB) barely costs 43.99 euros per month. In addition, joining the fiber to your mobile rate has a discount of seven euros per month on its separate price.
  • Although they do not require a minimum contract period, Simyo takes care of their customers to prevent them from leaving: just for signing up you will already have a 10 euro gift, and from time to time they will offer you free data bonuses. If you have any month left over, they accumulate the megabytes for you to spend the following month.
  • This operator is known for including interesting promotions at certain times of the year, such as summer and Christmas.
  • Simyo, like other operators, does not charge you if you exceed the data usage of your mobile plan. Once you exceed the megabytes that you have contracted, the speed will be automatically reduced so that you can continue browsing at no additional cost.

Simyo Disadvantages

  • No matter how positive Simyo’s opinions are and how advantageous his fiber and mobile offers are, if you try his convergent packages and they don’t convince you, you’ll have to accept a three-month stay. You can also leave earlier if you bear the cost of installing the service. It’s considerably less than the one-year rate other carriers require, but with more and more non-permanent internet rates available, if you don’t want any strings attached you have other options.
  • There are quite a few limitations in the services that Simyo sells: its fiber only reaches 300 Mb, its data is 35 GB and it does not have a landline or pay-TV. Although the absence is compensated with very low fees, some users may need better conditions by paying a little more.
  • The operator does not offer ADSL either, so either you have coverage with Orange or you will not be able to contract its fiber.

Although Simyo offers a fairly varied catalog of plans, instead of focusing on the offers of a single company. We advise you to look for all the options of the operators and contract the one that best suits your needs, something that the comparator can help you with of contract mobile rates, in which you will find detailed all the proposals of the telecoms. 

My Simyo App

Check your consumption at a glance

Boss in your bundle, you already were. Simyo is a handy app that makes your boss above boss. You can see at a glance what you are using. And therefore also how many minutes and MBs you have left. This way you always keep control over your costs.

Adjust bundles monthly, up and down

With the My Simyo app, you can adjust your calling or internet bundle every month, both up and down. Even if you have an annual subscription. Not coming out by the end of the month? Then you simply buy extra MBs or minutes. Smart, because that way you avoid out-of-bundle costs. They will add the costs for these extra bundles to your invoice.

Adjust your settings, in a jiffy

Changing settings is also simple. For example, you can easily switch on or off calling and using the internet abroad. You can also adjust your login details and your address details in this way. Also handy: you always have your PIN and PUK code to hand.

Number porting: that’s how it happened!

With number porting, you take your phone number with you to your new Sim Only or Prepaid SIM card. It is free and they will arrange this amongst themselves with your old provider. This way you don’t have to let all your contacts know that you have a new number and you don’t have to change your phone number on all your online services, such as rigid. Of course, number porting is not mandatory. If you want, you can also include a new phone number with your order. In that case, do not request number portability and cancel your old subscription yourself.


During some practical tests, the subscription went well. Simyo Sim-Only with unlimited calls and 15 GB data for € 18 per month based on a 1-year contract is a good choice. Because Simyo uses the KPN network, you have a fast and stable internet connection. Due to the unlimited calling bundle, you will never incur out-of-bundle costs for calls. The 15 GB data bundle is large enough for most consumers to use the internet on their smartphone without any worries during the entire month. If you have fixed internet from KPN or Telfort, you will receive a data bundle of no less than 30 GB in addition to unlimited calls for the same monthly price of € 18.



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