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Each And Everything About Zoxs

How can I sell my old cell phone to ZOXS?

You separate yourself from your used cell phone or smartphone, for example, ZOXS buy it at a fair price! Do not you think? Countless customers and independent portals have already tested ZOXS and positively emphasized the amount of the payout, the size of the range, and their great service. In addition, They do not charge any fees for their online cell phone purchase and you will receive the price that was determined after truthful information about the condition. To sell your old cell phone and don’t run after the money! Their business model is transparent at all times and every customer always has an insight into all processes.

By the way, you can also sell them your iPhone, it doesn’t matter which Apple iPhone generation you have. They will immediately make you an offer for your old iPhone 8, XS, or the new iPhone XR. Now switch to the iPhone purchase and benefit from the many payout options. They will then transfer the money to you by bank transfer, PayPal, or buyZ credit.

Sell ​​PS4 games why with them?

If you don’t want to know anything about your old PS4 games and want to turn them into cash, you are at exactly the right place at ZOXS. They not only offer particularly high conditions for the sale of PS4 games. Their purchase of your Xbox One or Nintendo Switch games is just as fair. In addition, they will also support you if you come across other things while mucking out, for example, toys from Lego Duplo or Playmobil. They are continuously expanding their range to offer you even more sales opportunities. So if you want to sell your used games, always think of them!

Books with the EAN or ISBN

Your bookshelf is completely overcrowded and you need space for new things? You no longer have any use for it and want to have the used books out of the house. No problem, they will buy your books and make you a direct fixed price offer. Simply enter the barcode number on the back into their search and close the sale with just a few clicks.

Selling is now even easier with the ZOXS APP

Selling DVDs is just as easy as buying books. If you no longer see your old DVDs or your entire collection and want to sell these films, you have come to the right place at ZOXS. Look at the back of the DVD and simply scan the barcode with their ZOXS app. On the PC you can of course simply type in the numbers of the barcode into their search. You will then receive a price proposal for which you can sell your DVD or Blu-ray collection to them.

What do I have to consider when selling consoles?

The console always sells better if the accessories (such as the controller) are original and complete. So you get a higher amount. Your advantage with ZOXS if you want to sell your PS4 or Nintendo Wii: ZOXS does not charge any fees when buying a console! Means: If you decide to sell your console, after checking the status you will receive the amount that is displayed to you. Find out in advance in their shop and have your used console paid for.

Why is selling online at ZOXS so easy?

In a nutshell: When selling online, they want the customer to have next to no trouble getting rid of used utensils such as a laptop (such as the famous Apple MacBooks). He shouldn’t waste time creating detailed product descriptions, taking photos, and then perhaps standing there without paying the private customer at the end of the day. In addition, their online purchase includes cell phones, consoles including accessories, VR glasses, games & games, navigation devices, books, music CDs, computers, tablets, and smartwatches. This way they distance themselves from most of their competitors and can make great offers.

Sell ​​fitness tracker or trade-in camera

Are you tired of offering your old digital camera on various classified markets or auction platforms and looking for a long time for a buyer who also has poor payment behavior? Buying a ZOXS camera could be the solution! They make you an immediate purchase offer for all devices at fixed prices. You provide your objective information about the condition and the purchase of your camera is completed in just a few clicks. 

Thanks to their short turnaround time you will have your money in your account quickly. To secure the current purchase price now.

ZOXS Apple purchase at its best

Have you bought a new smartphone and now want to sell your old iPod? No problem for ZOXS! They enable you to sell your iPod Touch, iPod Nano, or iPod Classic online and receive a quick transfer. But they also buy tablets with a keyboard, the popular Apple iPads, or the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You want entire PC systems at the highest prices! Simply navigate to the computer purchase and compare their offers. Here you can sell your iMac at fair prices. They are the experts when it comes to purchasing Apple devices. Just try it out!

Sales of FSK / USK 18 games

The legal situation requires an age check when shipping USK 18 games. This proof of identity is usually quite expensive. On ZOXS.de you can sell your USK 18 games completely free of charge and shipping costs from a sales amount of 30 € (ZOXS.de) / 100 € (ZOXS.at).

Fast sales process

On ZOXS you have the opportunity to sell many of the things you no longer need quickly and easily. Simply enter the EAN in the article search. This is even easier with their ZOXS app, simply scan the barcode of books, CDs, DVDs & Blu-rays, add them to the shopping basket with just one click and complete the order. Thanks to their large buying range (even robotic vacuum they buy-in) you’ll quickly a lot of things going on and still, get a fair price for it. Try it out now!

Sell ​​electronics – at a fixed price

Thanks to their large range, you can sell many of your used electrical appliances online with just one sales process. Their electronics purchase shows you the exact price that they will pay you for your used items immediately after choosing the appropriate item condition. With their buyZ credit account, you can even secure a 10% bonus. Now select the electronics you want to sell, rate them as neutrally as possible and send your items to them. After the check, you will receive the amount that will be shown to you when the sale is concluded with their fixed price guarantee.


The currency at ZOXS and buyZOXS

Are you wondering why they have their currency?

There is only one reason, because of you! They think that their customers not only deserve bargains, but also a whopping percentage on top.

What are buyZ?

The buyZ is a “virtual currency”, valid on ZOXS.de and buy ZOXS.de 

How do I get buyZ?

BuyZ is saved as a credit on your customer account when selling on ZOXS.de. All you have to do is state in the customer center that the payment should be made in buyZ. Of course, buyZ can also be called up at any time for purchase on buyZOXS.

What is buyZ worth?

100 buyZ corresponds to a purchase value of € 1, 2,500 buyZ corresponds to a purchase value of € 25, etc. If you sell something for € 100 and have the amount paid out in buyZ, you will receive 10,000 buyZ.

Cash more!

If you have your sales proceeds paid out in buyZ, you also collect a whopping 10% more. If you get €100 you get another € 10 and your credit is 11,000 buyZ. So you can shop for 110 € on buyZOXS.

Payment is possible at any time

BuyZ can be paid out to your account at any time from a value of 10 €. For each payout, they charge a fee of 10% of the payout amount plus a one-time service fee of 0.99 euros. After all, they would like to reward your use of the buyZ.

Even more advantages!

BuyZ is also the fastest withdrawal and payment method for you: You will be credited immediately after the sale has been completed. When purchasing on buyZOXS, you don’t have to wait long for your new package to be sent (in contrast to prepayment, they don’t have to wait for the payment to be received).

Get the ZOXS app now

At ZOXS.de you can easily sell cell phones, video games, DVDs, tablets, consoles, and much more. The lightning scanner in their app recognizes your items by their barcodes. Put the articles in the shopping basket and see immediately how much money you will receive. Complete the job right away selling has never been easier!



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