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Everything About A1

A lot has changed in recent years. We watch films online on-demand, navigate through foreign cities with A1 smartphones, help people with whom we have never spoken a word in online forums, and share the best vacation pictures with the family at home with a tap.

And so that you and A1 can do that, they work on the best network in Austria every day. Laying thousands of kilometers of fiber optic cable, installing the latest generation of cellphone masts, and perfecting A1 services for more than 5.1 million cellphones and around 2 million landline customers.

The A1 Start Up Campus

A playground to let ideas run free. This is the A1 Start-Up Campus. This is where young, innovative companies meet the know-how of A1.

The campus is home to selected start-ups and a space for exchange and encounters. Equipped with all the A1 business solutions they need, start-ups can concentrate on the essentials here: implementing their business idea perfectly.

A1 Senior Academy course program

The A1 Senior Academy is specifically aimed at the 60+ generation. In A1 free courses for beginners and advanced users, A1 helps you to find your way around the Internet safely. Have you always wanted to know what you can do on the internet?

Book one of the courses now and learn more about the following and many other interesting topics:

  • First steps on the Internet
  • Search and find with Google
  • Communication with WhatsApp and email
  • Videotelephony with smartphone and tablet
  • Setting up WiFi
  • Security and privacy protection

A1 Senior Academy Online

Enjoy participating in online events

In the future, you want to take part in online courses, online events, or webinars – seminars that are offered on the Internet – but are not sure what to look out for.

Telephoning and seeing the person you are talking to at the same time

Do you want to have fun with your children and grandchildren even though they are far away? Do you want to chat with your friends? A1 will show you step by step how to use different apps for this. 

Traveling with my smartphone

My smartphone also needs to be prepared

If someone goes on a trip then, he can tell something then how nice it is when you report many positive experiences. So that there are no surprises, at least when it comes to smartphones, A1 will show you how to optimally set them up for your trip.

The secret world of WLAN is not so secret at all – on the contrary

We’ve all heard it before: WiFi but what is it and how does it work? And above all: What benefit does it bring me? You will learn these and many other details about WLAN in this online course.

Top security on the Internet

Move carefree and safely on the Internet

We all look at various aspects of security, whether it’s communicating or surfing the Internet. A1 will show you how to use the Internet safely with simple means. 

How do I create a secure password? tips and tricks

You want a strong password and one that is easy for you to remember. A1 shows you how to reconcile both. A1 also informs you why a good password is so important.

course details

How do I send photos and documents?

Learn how to send photos and other files in an email. A1 has the special features of photo and text files and explains the advantages and disadvantages of the different email programs.

A1 smartphone regulars’ table

At the A1 Smartphone Stammtisch, A1 trainers will help you to find your way around with your smartphone.

You will get lots of tips for everyday use, interesting information on getting started with the Internet, and valuable tips on security on the WWW.

About the eLearning courses

With an eLearning (self-learning course) you are your trainer. Start eLearning when you want and as often as you want. Pause at any time and pace the course yourself.

The mobile phone signature

You went to the A1 shop to activate your Handy-Signatur – or maybe you’re still thinking about the benefits. Using an example, A1 will show you how easy it is to use the mobile phone signature. After that, the opening hours from 0 a.m. to midnight apply to you.

Install WhatsApp

In your environment, many relatives and friends use WhatsApp. So you’ll want to install it as well to converse with them. But what if there is no one around to help you? This eLearning will show you how.

Install the popular alternative to WhatsApp yourself

“Everyone has WhatsApp.” Everyone? No, not her. You want an alternative: Signal. The only question that remains is: How do you install Signal and which settings make sense? This eLearning gives you the answer.

Mobile video telephony

Phone calls used to be, today you see each other in conversation

Do your children and grandchildren live too far away for a visit? Wouldn’t it be nice to see your friends again? But how? Make yourself comfortable, start this eLearning and grab your smartphone or tablet right away.

The question about the operating system of the mobile phone

“Do I have an Android or iPhone?”

Your smartphone has everything you need and you can use it well. But what if you’re asked, “Is your phone an Android or an iPhone?”. See how to quickly answer this question here.

Smartphone ABC Learning Videos

The video series Smartphone ABC is an endeavor of the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) in collaboration with the association fit4internet.

The Green Passport on your smartphone

The Green Passport is digital proof of 3G status (vaccinated, tested, recovered). A1 will show you how to install the “Green Pass” app on your smartphone.

The mobile phone signature in every A1 shop

Get your mobile phone signature from one of around 70 A1 shops. A1 shows you in an eLearning how to use the mobile phone signature.

A1 assumes responsibility for the environment and society

In the social area, the focus is on digital education for the young and old. The training courses are free.

The great demand for A1 courses

Satisfied participants in the “First Steps on the Internet” course on A1 tablets have their say.

A1 Seniors’ Academy new training initiative from A1

The A1 Seniors’ Academy will replace the successful formats “Active on the Internet” and “Internet for All – Seniors” in 2021.

A1 Senior Academy Locations​

Information on the courses and the course dates can be found in A1:

  • A1 Senior Academy course program.
  • Vienna
  • Graz
  • Salzburg
  • Linz
  • Klagenfurt

A1 Senior Academy free for you on the go throughout Austria

The Internet training courses are carried out throughout Austria together with the senior citizens’ organizations. During the courses, A1 rental tablets are available to you free of charge. These can also be taken home during the course and used for practice purposes. Please address course inquiries directly to the Seniors’ Association or Pensioners’ Association.

A1 service line

A1 employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have about A1 products, A1 tariffs, and network coverage.


The A1 Guru is an A1 technology expert. He helps personally and uncomplicatedly where you need him.

A1 live store

A1 experts will advise you on affordable cell phones, tablets, and A1 tariffs in a video call.

A1 Senior Academy

Get fit for the internet and book one of the A1 free courses.



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