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Everything About Ethiopian Airlines Business Class

Cloud Nine Business Class on Ethiopian Airlines acquaints its travelers with the different culture and interesting customs of Ethiopia before they contact down at the carrier’s Addis Ababa base. As one of the biggest center point airports in Africa and the greatest exchange airport on the landmass – particularly for intercontinental voyagers – Ethiopian has made its imprint as a worldwide carrier.

Presently an individual from Star Alliance, travelers can procure and reclaim miles in its Sheba Miles regular flier program or acquire and recover in accomplice coalition dependability plans. Its Star Alliance accomplices incorporate Air Canada, Asiana, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, Swiss, TAP Portugal, Thai, and United. When going with Ethiopian or its accomplice carriers, first-class individuals and Star Alliance Gold individuals appreciate equal admittance to lounges and other travel benefits.

Airport experience

Need registration and security lines are accessible in many airports for Cloud Nine travelers, yet the beginning or travel insight at Addis Ababa isn’t great. A few travelers need to take transports to move terminals, however, the carrier is great at meeting Business Class travelers on the airplane and accompanying them to their next flight on short associations.

Ethiopian Airlines has a few parlors at Addis Ababa, yet Business Class travelers are encouraged to choose cautiously as they are altogether unique. Another 5,000 square meter Cloud Nine Lounge opened in late 2020 as a component of the new terminal extension, giving an extremely past due move up to the superior traveler experience. Offices in the new parlor incorporate showers, rub services and a wide choice of food and drink offerings. The well-known Ethiopian espresso function remains – offering an interesting and open door to taste espresso – aware that is said to have begun in Ethiopia.


Ethiopian merits honor for its work to offer a blend of its public cuisine just as worldwide dishes to its travelers. For some worldwide travelers, this might be their first openness to Ethiopian dishes, and the printed menus work effectively of clarifying the accessible dishes and everyday customs of Ethiopian cooking. It is an engaging and instructive method for relaxing inflight particularly as many dishes are served from multi-layered carts so that individuals can see what is on offer before settling on their decision. Flight specialists likewise wear conventional Ethiopian outfits on many flights during the service, adding an authentic and one-of-a-kind touch.

Most Ethiopian dishes are accessible on flights leaving Addis Ababa with a more worldwide choice on flights withdrawing different urban areas destined for Ethiopia. Naturally, the best Ethiopian catering will start from the aircraft’s nation of origin.

Contingent upon the length of flight, flight orderlies either serve the whole feast on one plate or by offering each course served straightforwardly on table materials like an eatery. 

Hors d’oeuvres and the choice for a side serving of mixed greens and bread start the supper. On certain flights, this can incorporate an assortment of Ethiopian dishes plated family-style from the cart including injera – an acrid, matured flatbread that is utilized to gather up other scrumptious dishes utilizing your hands. It is a tasty beginning to the flight however is just presented on longer flights leaving Ethiopia.

For the principal dish, there are ordinarily four choices including hamburger, fish, poultry, or pasta. Dessert follows with a sweet cake or cake or little cheddar platter with espresso, tea, or cordials. On most widebody flights, the show from a multi-layered cart is exquisite and noteworthy.

There is no feast on request service, and on certain flights, the dinner isn’t served just after departure. The carrier strangely times its dinners to the feasting timetable of the objective significance a few suppers can be served a few hours after departure, which isn’t the most ideal arrangement for travelers that might need to rest on their body clock. The best arrangement is to ask the crew when they intend to serve every dinner so you can plan your work or rest appropriately.

On longer flights, pre-appearance dinners are served two or three hours before landing. Contingent upon the hour, they can go from two breakfast choices – hot egg dish or mainland – to a pre-appearance lunch or supper. The aircraft has a scope of extraordinary dinners including Muslim, Kosher, and Asian vegan choices albeit these should be saved ahead of time.


As guests board, they are offered squeezed orange, water, or Champagne from a plate. In the case of picking Champagne, two flight chaperons get back with the container and an unfilled glass to pour the welcome beverage at your seat, a decent touch without a doubt. Warm towels go before the main drink service after departure, and all travelers get a container of water.

Printed menus diagram what is accessible all through the flight including Champagne – regularly Lallier Brut even though it can change by flight – four white wines, four red wines, and a pastry wine. An assortment of spirits including Campari, Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker Black Label, Bailey’s, and Drambuie are on offer as are global and Ethiopian brews. Soda pops, juices, espresso – including Ethiopian or Nescafe choices in addition to cappuccino or coffee on some airplane – and tea are accessible.


Barely cleaned to the fanciest of guidelines, the crew is dedicated, cordial and beguiling. Anticipate Ethiopian neighborliness ready, and keeping in mind that a few flight orderlies might be more saved, they are anxious to serve to assume you draw in with a touch of discussion. Flying Ethiopian is an incredible involvement in the crew that has the best goals.


Commotion decreasing earphones are of changing quality relying upon the airplane. Contingent upon the airplane type (B787 and A350, for instance), the entertainment framework can be best in class with many films, short subject narratives, sitcoms, or music choices to browse utilizing controllers or contact screens. On others – B737 and B767 – the standard is a maturing framework with restricted choices, little screens, and helpless screen quality. Like with seating type, the entertainment experience can fluctuate significantly relying upon the plane you are flying. A moving guide show never stops to baffle, nonetheless and is accessible on all global flights.

Ethiopian Airlines merits recognition for its exceptional and flawlessly made loading-up music that establishes the vibe for each flight with unmistakably African energy suggestive of the Disney classic The Lion King.

Conveniences and Facilities

Travelers get a convenience unit with essential toiletries, an eyeshade, and socks on medium to long stretch flights, with short flights highlighting a more modest rendition than one long stretch. Convenience units in Ethiopian Airlines Business Class come in three particular tones taken from the Ethiopian public banner – green, yellow, and red. Cushions and covers are standard conveniences. On chosen flights, every traveler in Business Class gets a solitary rose from the flight orderlies as an astounding badge of appreciation for flying Ethiopian Airlines.

Short And Medium Haul

The carrier’s whole armada is frequently utilized on more limited flights around the African mainland. This implies that level bed seats on a 777 are frequently logical on courses to urban areas like Johannesburg or Lusaka. The aircraft’s 737 armadas are likewise utilized on these courses so review your flight subtleties cautiously to check whether there is a choice to encounter the carrier’s superior item on short flights.

Regardless of the airplane, a full dinner and drink list – including Champagne – is quite often accessible except for short homegrown flights that utilization the carrier’s Dash-8 armada. On these planes, Business Class is essentially an economy class-style seat with minimal additional catering.



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