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Everything You Need To Know About C&A | C&A Review

Human rights, international law, and solidarity are central to C&A’s belief in democracy and peaceful coexistence. In Europe, freedom and peace are being violated. C&A is astounded to witness history being rewritten. C&A join Ukraine in pleading with the international community to assist in putting an end to the violence. C&A’s thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been affected by this conflict.

C&A and all of their coworkers are mobilizing to assist. Colleagues from across the stores in Central and Eastern Europe – nations bordering Ukraine – continue to contribute clothing to local organizations to assist refugees who have been forced to escape their homes, leaving behind necessities.

In collaboration with NGOs, teams from C&A headquarters in Dusseldorf and Brussels are collecting basic items to bring to families in need in various places. Assisting those in need has always been a priority for them, and C&A will continue to do so in the future.

C&A is the way to go if you want to leave a remark

C&A has it in its DNA to be environmentally conscious. Over half of C&A products are already more environmentally friendly, with bio cotton, recycled and recyclable materials, and Cradle to Cradle Certified® fabric among them. C&A is building on the foundation of its 180-year history and its belief that business can be a force for good. 

It all starts with C&A clients choosing environmentally conscious fashion decisions, no matter how big or small they are. C&A makes these sustainable options simple in its stores and online, without sacrificing the style, fit, quality, or price that their customers expect from C&A. C&A will make a difference in the world if you work together. 

C&A’s approach to sustainability

Sound governance enables C&A to operate in an open and accountable manner. The C&A AG Sustainability Committee is the policy and strategy-setting body for sustainability in all C&A retail markets. CEOs of retail markets and licensees, as well as representatives from other worldwide activities with global responsibilities, make up the committee.

While managing accountability for C&A sustainability performance, the committee aligns on policy and strategy. Its Global Sustainability team works with C&A retail market teams to establish locally relevant strategies and key performance indicators that help them move closer to its 2028 goals at the C&A brand level while giving retail market teams the appropriate ownership.

At C&A, they assess materiality

C&A evaluates its material issues every year, taking into account stakeholder feedback and the importance of the issue to C&A business. Consumer insights, sustainability trends, our business identity, and C&A current and future impacts are all part of this process. C&A also takes into account the severity and likelihood of those consequences. 

C&A identifies the top material issues, those judged most significant by its stakeholders, and for C&A business based on this information. These top material challenges aided C&A in refining C&A Global Sustainability Strategy for 2028, as well as informing C&A retail markets as they define and prioritize regional goals.

Values Of C&A 

C&A wants to develop clothes that have a positive impact while also allowing consumers to make more sustainable choices. C&A is fashion and consumer enthusiasts. Every day, C&A strives to provide the greatest products and shopping experience possible.

C&A interactions with one another, its customers, and its external partners are basic and direct. The idea is to strive for simplicity in C&A daily duties and to make informed, cost-conscious decisions. C&A enjoy working together as a team, pursuing a common objective, and uniting one C&A. C&A’s diverse backgrounds and skills enable it to tackle problems and come up with creative solutions.

Payment At C&A By Credit Card

Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Once your order has shipped, your credit card will be charged. When you place an order, the amount of the invoice is reserved – this is known as authorization. These checks are performed to ascertain whether the card is valid and whether the credit available is sufficient.

If you return one or more goods, C&A will credit the value of the returned items to the credit card that was previously charged once the return has been processed. Please keep in mind that the time it takes for your refund to be credited to your account is determined by the card you used.

Payment By PayPal At C&A

PayPal is the online payment service for secure, simple, and fast payment in online shops – and it’s free of charge:

  • Secure: Your bank or credit card details are only stored by PayPal not by C&A. This means that this information is not resent via the internet for every online purchase at C&A.
  • Simple: You pay for each purchase at C&A in two clicks because you use the bank and credit card details stored by PayPal, not by C&A.

Shipping Partner Of C&A

C&A is a company that sells clothing and accessories. DHL will be the carrier for your orders. Please be aware that C&A does not currently provide a Click & Collect service. Would you like to return some or all of your order’s items? To do so, choose the most suitable delivery option for you and return your order to them. Keep your postage receipt until you receive an email acknowledging receipt of your returned products at C&A. Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for the costs of returning the things to C&A. Returns of online orders are not available in C&A stores for technological and administrative reasons.

There is no cost for shipping for orders exceeding 19€ at C&A

Only mainland countries, excluding island territories, are served by this online store: Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden.

You must provide a delivery address and a billing address to C&A that correspond to one of the countries listed above when placing an order in this online shop. Both the delivery and billing addresses must be from the same country. If you wish to order from a different country, use the option in the footer to change the webshop.

Their tables at C&A Find the Best Fit 

C&A offers you a complete overview of their various size schemes. Good to know: Changing fashion trends, like the oversized trend, might affect the fit of specific pieces and cause them to deviate from standard sizes.

Furthermore, trouser sizes may be given in inches in product descriptions since they have a different measurement, such as 28/30. The first number in this case refers to the waist width, while the second number refers to the leg length.



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