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Everything You Need To Know About HEMA

HEMA’s background

For almost a century, HEMA has been a household word in the Netherlands, and it has since spread to many other nations. You may read about how it all began here.

The Tompouce Is A HEMA Icon.

For decades, the tompouce has been a HEMA icon. But how could that happen?


During WWII, HEMA suffered a lot of damage. Employees who were Jewish had to be sacked, and many did not survive the war. A large number of branches were bombed.

Design Competition Sponsored By HEMA

HEMA began the HEMA design competition in 1983. The goal is to give new designers a platform. This competition has produced numerous memorable products over the years. Are you paying attention?

Things Made With Smoked Sausage

things made with smoked sausage

The HEMA hero is the smoked sausage. They’ve been in the range since 1936, and over 10 million are sold each year. HEMA’s product line has included various smoked sausage-inspired items over the years. The sausage that has been smoked, Yes! the smoked sausage was delicious. Who hasn’t heard of him? But did you know that this HEMA hero rose to fame by chance? Or is it due to a blunder?

The HEMA Logo

You’re likely to recall Hema’s red logo among countless others. In the early days of HEMA, though, it looked very different. Over the years, Hema’s logo has evolved multiple times.


Today, The major distribution hub in Utrecht supplies its stores. This was not always the case; supplies were delivered by horse and carriage in the early days of HEMA.

Jip and Janneke

HEMA is said by everyone who says Jip & Janneke. They’ve been with us for 27 years and have therefore become an essential element of their store’s shelves.

HEMA Restaurant

Breakfast at HEMA or four o’clock In the winter, a hearty bowl of pea soup with HEMA smoked sausage; many people are familiar with the HEMA restaurant. That hasn’t always been the case, though. Many people thought Hema was making a mistake when they opened their ‘lunchrooms’ in 1926.

HEMA Whistle

HEMA’s whistle has become intrinsically linked to the organization. When you’re at one of the HEMA stores, it’ll blare out of the speaker on a frequent basis. Are you curious about the concept behind this song and when HEMA will be using it? Continue reading quickly!

HEMA Private Labels

Miss Helen, Franny, Reactor, Everclean, HEMAX Here are just a few of HEMA’s private labels over the years. Are you paying attention?

Tompouce Articles

The tompouce has become an indispensable part of the HEMA range. In addition to the edible version, they also sell many items that are inspired by this HEMA icon.

Pride Week At HEMA

At HEMA, they think that being yourself is the greatest way to be yourself. That is, whichever version of yourself you are. That is why, since 2016, HEMA has been actively involved in bringing specific topics to the forefront during Pride Week.

Get More Sustainable Products

Quality that can be trusted, with a focus on the environment. HEMA believes it is critical that HEMA products contribute positively to everyday life, which is why he is gradually increasing the range’s sustainability. They make certain that all of their items maintain the HEMA quality and affordability. HEMA hopes to make more sustainable products more accessible and cheap to everyone in this way.

HEMA has featured infant and children’s jeans with a sustainable wash in their collection since August. When applying the wash to the trousers, HEMA utilizes less than 35 liters of water and fewer chemicals thanks to a revolutionary laser process. You won’t notice a difference because the trousers are of the same HEMA quality you’ve come to expect from us. They’re comfy, stylish, and long-lasting. So good on both counts!

Get The Trusted Quality, But With Attention To The World Around Us

Wooden Toys

Since 2021, all of the wooden toys HEMA has purchased have been FSC certified. As a result, they contribute to forest preservation and a healthy living environment. For example, non-FSC-certified wooden toys are increasingly vanishing from store shelves.

Letter Board Folding Crates

Hema’s well-known folding boxes are also constructed entirely of recyclable materials. As a result, not only do they conserve energy and water in the manufacturing process, but no additional plastic is required. As a result, they are not only attractive but also long-lasting.

Sustainable Cotton

Since 2019, HEMA has only sourced sustainable cotton. Better Cotton (BC) and organically certified cotton via the Organic Content Standard (OCS) and the Global Organic Textile Standard are two of the three sustainability standards they utilize in their garments and home textiles (GOTS).

  • Baby clothes
  • Children’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing
  • Menswear

Good For Today, Good For Tomorrow


Their duvets are composed entirely of 100 percent GRS-certified recycled material, 100 percent RDS-certified down, or 100 percent Texel sheep wool.

Better Cotton is where you can get all of your cotton duvet cover sets.


All of their cotton towels are acquired from Better Cotton, which is both durable and affordable.

BAE facial care

The Vegan Awards 2019 were presented to me as a proud winner. 100% vegan, no animal testing (as required by law), paraben-free, environmentally packed, and reasonably priced.

Clean Beauty

With great delight and care, they at HEMA design, develop, and test all of their cosmetic goods ourselves. So, what’s the big deal? HEMA’s selection of the highest-quality ingredients for you.

Vegan Wine

Made without animal products, so suitable for a vegan diet. or just for anyone who loves wine.

Chocolate With A Quality Mark

The cocoa in their chocolate products is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. That is good for today and good for tomorrow.



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