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How to Buy Knott’s Scary Farm Discount Tickets [5 Easy Ways]

Ah, the most classic Halloween experience of all… a good old fashioned Haunted House. It’s the season to experience both spooks and thrills and there’s no better way than grabbing some Knott’s Scary Farm discount tickets. To be perfectly honest, I am terrified of haunted houses, but my husband and boys absolutely love them and will be heading to Knott’s Scary Farm and Universal Studios without me, while I stick to Disneyland’s more happy Halloween event.

After dark on some particularly scary nights from September 16-October 31, Knott’s Berry Farm transforms into a land of haunts. It’s the largest Halloween experience in all of Southern California and truly unlike anything else. There’s both haunted mazes and attractions, that’s right you’re not even safe from creepy creatures while you wait in line to ride one of their epic roller coasters. Keep in mind, this is no place for your littlest kiddos. The recommended age is 13+. Of course, this awesome fall experience comes in at a cost a little above your usual haunted house. We’ve got some great ideas to help you save on tickets though!

How to Buy on Knott’s Scary Farm Discount Tickets [5 Easy Ways]

Knott's Halloween Haunt Tickets

Yes, we’ve mentioned ARES on some of our other ticket saving articles. They are one of our absolute favorite sites to find discount tickets. They’ve been around for years making them easy to trust. Once you order, you’ll will almost immediately receive your tickets in an email. You can buy tickets for Knott’s Scary Farm for $53! Here are their current rates for all Knott’s experiences.

Undercover Tourist

Undercover Tourist has some incredible deals on major halloween theme parks events throughout Southern California from Universal to Disneyland to Knott’s Scary Farm. You can find a wide array of discounts on their site. Check out all of their amazing discounts here.

Scary Farm Pass – For Frequent Visitors

If Halloween is your absolute favorite holiday, you will want to check into this pass. It’s valid for admission to every night of Knott’s Scary Farm. The price is set at $95, but if you already own a Knott’s season pass it will be reduced by $10. This pass is worth the price even if you just plan on going just twice!

Knotts Scary Farm Tickets

All-Inclusive Package-

If you want to truly get the full experience out of your night at Knott’s Scary Farm, you will want to purchase an all inclusive package. By purchasing this ahead of time, you’ll save a little $$ overall. This package includes parking, admission, The Boo-fet Dinner, and the Fright and Fast Lane. If you plan on doing all of these things, the inclusive package can save you up to $74 per person. You can order this packages online at

Military Discount-

If you are active or retired military, you will be offered a discount for your service. You can purchase these tickets straight through Knott’s, either online or at the gate. Be sure to check the prices online before you go though, because you’ll be able to get the cheap online price at an even greater discount.

Knott's Scary Farm Tickets 2018

AAA Member Discount

Being a AAA Member is great for a lot of reasons, but the discounts offered to members are some of the biggest perks. Just click here to go straight to the link that allows you to buy tickets as a member online. They’re as low as $37 right now!

Purchase in Advance – Online

With Knott’s purchasing online is always a really great option, as they raise their prices at the gate. Online the tickets are currently set between $35-50 depending on the night and the gate price is set to be $82. That’s huge savings, especially if you’re buying for multiple guests!

***Pro Tip*** – No matter which way you purchase your discounted Knotts Scary Farm Tickets, make sure to purchase online as dates do SELL OUT!

Fright and Fast Lane and The Boo-fet Dinner

Knott's Scary Farm Tickets
Raspberry dessert served in a skull (Photo by Matt Masin, Orange County Register, SCNG)

Knott’s has added some cool new additions to their Scary Farm experience. First off they have the Fright and Fast Lane Pass, which gives you unlimited priority access in line for both mazes and rides. When purchased online this pass with admission included starts at $120. The lines for the mazes do get quite long, so if you have the money, this experience is definitely worth it. 

There will also be The Boo-fet Dinner for those who want to dine with monsters before heading into the park. With this dinner package, you’ll be allowed early entrance into certain areas of Knott’s Scary Farm. It’s $31.99 per person for endless fried chicken, a carving station, boysenberry pie, a souvenir cup and all Knott’s classic favorite dishes.

Important Knott’s Scary Farm Tips

Dates and Hours- Knott’s Scary Farm runs from September through October, but it isn’t every night and the hours do vary. Before getting too far into planning out your trip, make sure to check out the calendar here. You’ll find that the Scary Farm is typically just one the weekends, Thurs-Sun. As for times, scary park admission allows you in the park from 7 pm-1 am or 2 am. When buying tickets keep in mind they are only valid for the date you purchase, you cannot switch them to another night. Keep in mind, these tickets do not work for general admission before 7 pm.

****** Please Make Sure you purchase Knott’s Scary Farm Tickets & NOT Knotts Berry Farm – They are two separate admissions and you will not be allowed into Knott’s Scary Farm with a Knotts Berry Farm Ticket****

Parking- You will follow the typical parking procedure for a normal Knott’s Berry Farm day. It will cost $22 for normal parking or $35 for preferred. If you hold a Knott’s Berry Farm season pass and have added on all season parking, parking will be free of cost for the Scary Farm as well.

Age Limit- There is no minimum age requirement to attend. However, it’s strongly recommended no one under 13 attends. Everyone will have to pay admission regardless of age.

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Is there an age requirement for Knott’s Scary Farm

No, however the recommended age is 13 years and above

Can my Knott’s Berry Farm Tickets be used for Knott’s Scary Farm

No, Knott’s Scary farm is a separate event and tickets must be purchased separately.

Does Costco sell Knott’s Scary Farm Tickets

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