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India leads green shoots of recovery in Asia Pacific as activity soars 47%, ET TravelWorld News, ET TravelWorld

 Picture used for representational purposes only.
Picture used for representational purposes only.

Recent research by the Amadeus data science team has revealed that global air travel searches have almost reached the pre-pandemic levels as demand and need for travel and vacation rise around the world. Interestingly, India is leading leads the green shoots for travel in the Asia Pacific region as search activity soars 47 per cent in April 2022 in comparison to the same period in 2019. The country is also leading the charge in domestic searches.

An international search is also performing strongly. With strong international travel recovery in APAC region, searches to and from India went up 5 per cent as compared to the same period in 2019.

Amadeus Travel Pulse, a suite of air travel search data in the travel industry consisting of consolidated data generated by daily transactions revealed that for the first four months of 2022, search volumes around the globe have been increasing, almost reaching 2019 levels. The research data also includes shopping transactions performed by more than 2,500 customers including the world’s top travel agencies.

The report further stated that 2022 search volumes are also outperforming 2021, reflecting an upward trend and positive momentum demonstrating the resilience of the travel sector. Some new air routes are making an impact and over half of the top city pairs for 2019 are now fully recovered.

According to findings of the forecast exclusively shared with ETTravelWorld, Asia is projected to remain the dominant source region over the forecast period, while Europe and the Americas, the second and third major suppliers of visitor numbers into India, are projected to have visitor share contractions. Notably, India received 10.93 million inbound tourists in 2019.

Traveller search in 2022 is close to 2019
Global search volumes in the last week of April were only 3 per cent down versus the same period in 2019, confirming that traveller confidence and appetite to travel continue to strengthen. There were double-digit increases in many key markets during the whole month of April, with searches from Mexico up 69 per cent, Canada up 29 per cent with the US seeing single-digit growth, up by 7 per cent.

City pairs and routes
The data also reveals other aspects of the airline industry are returning to familiar territory. This is true for many city pairs – especially the most well-established routes around the globe. Of the 16 most popular routes, nine of them are seeing search volumes comparable with 2019 including Delhi-Toronto (up 32 per cent), Tel Aviv-New York (up 90 per cent); Seoul-New York (up 10 per cent); Buenos Aires-Madrid (up 49 per cent) and Montreal-Paris (up 60 per cent) among others.Sharing his views on the findings, Frédéric Barou, Senior Vice President, Online Travel and Market Strategy, Asia Pacific, Amadeus, said, “It is incredibly encouraging to see such a strong appetite for travel around the world. Air travel search queries are one of the important data sets we study to learn about traveller sentiment and how markets are responding to quickly changing circumstances. This view of the travel ecosystem can reveal a lot about traveller confidence and willingness to travel, which Amadeus can provide thanks to our advanced data analytics tools and wide global footprint in the travel industry.”

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