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Keke Palmer Reveals What Hosting the Met Gala Was Like

Okay, we have to talk about you hosting the Met Gala. You made a stunning homage to Diana Ross with your incredible hair and that Sergio Hudson gown. What was that experience like for you?

It was cool. Obviously, the Met Gala comes with many pretenses—just like this is the Met Gala. So I was excited to be working and having the opportunity to talk because sometimes people don’t know what they can do at these kinds of events, what to talk about, or what questions to ask. So much of the attention is on how you look and your image. And I think that can be a lot because many of us don’t know what that is, and if we do know, we don’t know if we’re doing the right version of it. We’re just trying to do our best, so I was thrilled I got to bring it down to earth and just really try to have fun. 

Were there any looks or people you were just so blown away by that you met at the Met Gala?

Man, everybody’s look was so interesting in its way. I think I love what Yara Shahidi was wearing. She looked so beautiful, and it was an ode to Josephine Baker. And then, I loved Lil Nas X’s look. I just think he’s so fabulous and extra. 

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