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Know Why Over A Million Satisfied Customers Nju Mobile Have

Nju mobile is a network trusted by over a million customers. Nju mobile has been operating on the Polish market since April 2013 and from the very beginning it focused on a simple and transparent offer with no obligations with the contract is always completed for an indefinite period, you can terminate it at any time. The heightened quality of services and LTE internet access is guaranteed by Orange transmitters used by nju. Over 99% of the Polish population is within their range of 4G. In nju mobile, there are subscription, pre-paid, and mobile internet offers. Unlimited services are the basis for each of the offers. Each of the available services has a specific price for the use of unlimited calls, SMSs, MMSs, or the Internet, while in the case of not using the services in a given period, the customer does not pay any fees. The nju mobile network appreciates regular customers. As part of the free service.

What Is Nju Mobile?

Nju mobile is a precursor of attractive, short-term subscriptions. Orange introduced this sub-brand in 2013. Moments after that, Play launches a similar offer from Red Bull Mobile.

One For All Service By Nju

  • The principle of operation of the service is how to turn it on and how much does it cost how to check the condition how to turn off additional information statute

The Main Focus Of Operation Of The Service

One for all is a service thanks to which you will not pay more than PLN 39:

  • for unlimited calls to all mobile and fixed networks in the country and roaming in Zone 1 (EU)
  • for unlimited SMSs and MMSs to all networks in the country and for roaming in Zone 1 (EU)
  • 13 GB of internet for use in the country including 4.56 GB for use in roaming in Zone 1 (EU)

How To Turn It On And How Much Does It Cost

From June 29, 2017, the service can no longer be turned on (instead you can turn on the ” unlimited PLN 39 ” service). If you have one-on-all service turned on, it will be active all the time unless you tell it to turn it off.

How To Check The Service Status

You can check the service status by following steps:

  • by sending an SMS with the text ILE to the number 8 0144, this is free of charge
  • through your account on njumobile. pl in the account status tab this is free of charge

How To Turn It Off

You can disable the service by following steps:

  • Through your account on njumobile. pl in the service tab, this is free of charge
  • By sending an SMS with the text STOP to the number 80 144, this is also free of charge

The service will be disabled at the end of the billing period. You will be informed about the deactivation by SMS.

Service Provided By Nju

  • does not apply to calls, SMS / MMS to special numbers, and roaming calls outside zone 1 (EU)
  • connects to the nju additional plan by enabling the one-on-all service on the main number, the method of settling charges also for the additional number will change. Calls made on an additional number count towards the spending limits.
  • You cannot enable or disable the service on an additional number. You can only check your funds’ usage status. You can enable or disable the service only from the main number.
  • It is excluded with the following services, all mobile for PLN 29, more internet, for mobile for PLN 19, calls and internet, no limit PLN 19, no limit PLN 29, no limit PLN 39 and you cannot have two services turned on at the same time.

Know What Nju Do For The Environment And How You Can Take Care Of The Planet Using Own Solutions

Almost No Paper Is Used By Nju

96% of nju subscription customers use e-invoices. In this way, NJU frees itself from paper and protects forests!

Less Waste Is Produced By Nju

99.5% of nju pre-paid customers regularly use top-ups via the Internet. They are fast, convenient, and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way NJU reduces the amount of unnecessary waste!

Less Plastic Is Used By Nju

They have reduced the SIM card by half and this way they reduce plastic consumption by 933 kg per year. For the production of packaging, they use paper with the international FSC MIX certificate. The raw material used comes from well-managed FSCĀ®-certified forests, recycled and other cool sources, and the prints are made with plant-based inks.

Nju Gives The Second Life To Phones

Give your old phone back in the Orange salon, give it a second life and get a discount voucher for a new phone. The collected Orange equipment is passed over to their partner for managing and following environmental standards. Thanks to recycling, they do not waste our planet’s resources and it gives all benefits from it.

Mobile Internet And More And More Gigabytes Are Offered By Nju

In nju mobile, mobile internet is very cheap and fast, and over time the number of gigabytes available grows. After half a year you have 2 times more, and after two years you have 3 times more than at the start. There are 2 offers to choose from. Internet Nju is an offer for mobile internet for PLN 29, in which you have from 60 to 180 GB to use per month, including 3.39 GB in roaming in the EU. For the first 3 months, the minimum account amount is PLN 9. Later, if you don’t use nju mobile in 1 month, you won’t pay anything. Even for 6 months in a row. Nju’s offer is the best mobile internet, especially for people who use it irregularly. The gigabyte packets are so large that the nju internet can be an alternative to fixed-line network access. The second offer by nju additional internets is for those who already have a subscription number in nju and need more cheap mobile internet as part of their offer or want to use an additional SIM card in another device, e.g. a tablet. For PLN 19 a month, you get an additional 20 to 60 GB for use per month, including 2.23 GB for roaming in the EU. The GB packet adds up with that of the main number. Gigabytes available on each card form a common pool of mobile internet in nju, which both numbers use.




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