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Limango shopping club is an online shopping club for women and immature families where only fellows can buy. Their offer comprises products from renowned brands sometimes up to 80% cheaper.

Limango organizes sales campaigns lasting 2 to 5 days for their members in close cooperation with well-known brands from all over Europe.

In limango, due to the quantitative limitation of products, the following rule applies, “first come, first served!”. Visit Limango every day so that you don’t miss out on the things you need. You will receive notification about the drives in the morning before they begin via a sent newsletter.

What is Limango’s mission?

Limango’s goal is to create a place where you can buy unique products safely and comfortably and at attractive prices.

At the same time, they focus primarily on openness and honesty and providing Limango customers with the best possible service, and of course, the best shopping online!


In limango, you will find not only products from global brands, but it also promotes recognized and niche Polish producers and designers who create great and high-quality products in such areas as fashion, accessories, children’s clothing, footwear, health & beauty, sports, trends & gadgets, and lifestyle.

By working directly with manufacturers of well-known brands, Limango can offer you such favorable prices. At limango, they only sell original products straight from the manufacturer.

Business is people

Limango believes that with the right people and friends you can achieve anything – also in business. Limango is constantly looking for new people who identify with the goals of their company and want to build success with

Registration information of Limango Polska sp. Z oo

The online store available at is run by Limango Polska sp. Z oo, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Wrocław Fabryczna in Wrocław, Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number KRS 0000371108.

How do they work?

Limango are different, but in one thing that they are all the same, they have a “limango factor” in them. Each of us is focused on goals, both personal and shared. Everyone’s work matters, so Limango support and motivate each other. Every day Limango cares about the atmosphere and communication, so all feel good with each other in the office and outside it.

They are growing, but they are not a corporation, not all processes are written down, not all positions have strictly assigned responsibilities. Limango is looking for people who want to learn, take the initiative, reach out to new tasks themselves, and take responsibility for projects.

After hours, Limango develops and shares their passions. They have people who are positively crazy in the team. For example, Dawid and Justyna honorably donate blood, Ania conducts salsa workshops, and Marta runs long distances.

A mix of characters, temperaments, and experience – what does the CoCa, AME & Logistic team do?

  • E-commerce is a very dynamically changing environment – new trends, processes, new tools and new players on the market are constantly appearing. That is why working in this industry gives a lot of satisfaction.

Campaigns are what drives Limango on

Limango’s work revolves around the campaign. But not election or advertising. Every day, the sale of new products begins on mango. A campaign is simply an offer of one brand or range.

First, buyers acquire suppliers and negotiate prices, then the campaign coordination department together with the content creation department takes care to prepare them in the best possible way for customers. Descriptions, translations, if the campaign is from abroad, photos, delivery times, number of available products – so that the customers have as much information as possible. At this time, the marketing department turns its head (sometimes literally) so that information about the campaigns reaches people who may be interested in them. The graphic department supports them in their work. Their service cares for the satisfaction of its customers. The IT team watches over the smooth operation of the entire mango.

Limango office

Even if you haven’t been with us yet, you will find us easily. Limango is in the very center of the city, in the Pokoyhof passage, near the Nowe Horyzony, Szajby, and Charlotte cinemas.

They have a modern loft office, where the workspace complements the relaxation area.



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