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Mint Mobile Review, network, pros, and cons About Mint Mobile

Pros of mint mobile

  • Cheap plans
  • T-Mobile’s network
  • Hotspot covered in all plans

Cons of mint mobile

If you comprehend that you’re going to want a company or provider for a while then why not purchase an adequate of it to complete your needs within 3, 6, or 12 months with mint mobile.

That’s the consideration that Mint Mobile has taken and made its personal mobile service. A pay-as-you-go mobile virtual network operator, Mint mobile gives three unique records tiers, which you purchase in both a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month batch.

While the provider accomplishes a resolution of unlocked telephones reachable for purchase, between their BYOP application and this “bulk purchase” option, Mint mobile can provide clients at a first-rate discount.

But Mint Mobile is an MVNO, which means it leases area on one of the 4 carriers’ towers, and some others out there aren’t that extraordinary due to facts deprioritization, slim pants, and great client support.

Mint Mobile Plans + Pricing

At mint mobile prices are no longer mirror the proper amount paid upfront Multiply rate by the way of time restriction to pick out the amount due at initiating of service.

The requirement of an exceedingly long-term dedication for a pay-as-you-go wifi service provider is particularly special with no different MVNO and for that reason, a long way has required at least 3 months of carrier upfront at mint mobile.

But even so, Mint gives some respectable value. You get three choices for facts amounts, 3GB, 8GB, or 12GB. Additionally, you can signal up for three months, 6 months, or 12 months. And the longer draw, you pick to pay for, the extra you save.

The downside, of course, is that with the aid of including to signal up for longer gaps of provider, you have to pay the whole period’s price, too. So for the 3GB plan for3 months mint will cost you $45, and 6 months will take $60 out of your pocket proper away, and 12 months is going to charge you again $180.

On the upside, you don’t bear to fear it once more till the stop of the cycle. You would possibly have additionally observed that the 3-month plans all price the equal as the 12-month alternative and that’s a promo. Mint mobile is giving new subscribers a discounted charge to get them in the portico.

But after these first 3 months, the fees leap up. That’s now not so cool mainly when you could’ve gotten 6 months for $5-$10 bucks more cost-effective depending on the plan, or a full 12 months of carrier the equal that you paid for 3 months originally. However, if you’re no longer positive you choose to stick with them, then 3 months is a proper deal.

And what if you did pick up the 6-month plan? Does the rate bounce up when you signal up then, also? Unfortunately, by the way of $5-$10 bucks a month. The exclusively one that doesn’t expand for un-new subscribers is the 12-month option. On that one, the marketed fee recycles endlessly.

Mint Mobile International

UpRoam is Mint’s worldwide roaming function that works via the minute and by way of the MB. To set off it you simply textual content UPROAM to 6700 from your Mint cellphone or go to your account online. Then, you simply add cash in both $5, $10, or $20 increments.

For texting, calling, and the usage of data in Mexico and Canada, it’s free, remember, you’ll pay $0.05 to send a text, $0.25/min for calling, and $0.20 per MB of records use. To discover the actual prices for different countries, take a look at their listing here.

Mobile hotspot Of Mint Mobile

Another first-rate function of Mint Mobile’s plans is that all of them encompass a cell hotspot built-in most different MVNO’s and essential carriers require you get a limitless sketch to grasp that. The only problem with mint mobile is that your hotspot comes proper out of your records allotment for the month, so if you solely have three gigs to your name, you can effortlessly use that up tethering to your laptop computer or tablet.

Mint Mobile Coverage + Speed

Mint Mobile Coverage Map

As being an MVNO, Mint mobile take rents from provider from one of the big 4 smartphone carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint. In Mint’s case, they run on T-Mobile’s network, which is great. With the use of an MVNO, you can every now and then fall prey to something known as data deprioritization. that simply capability that when the usual community is a bit congested, these clients on it who aren’t without delay subscribed to it, like, MVNO customers will have their speeds slowed down.

And unfortunately, Mint Mobile clients have referred to slower common speeds than with direct T-Mobile service. Again, that’s now not special for an MVNO however, at mint clients get precise speeds most of the time and it doesn’t sound like that takes place for Mint customers.

But, different customers have additionally mentioned high-quality name quality, no troubles sending texts, and notable Wi-Fi calling. Plus, when they had a true signal, they mentioned downloading besides the issue.

So the ethical it’s going to rely on the place you are, and how congested the community is. But the possibility for blazing speeds at a less expensive fee than without delay subscribing to T-Mobile is really there.

Mint Mobile Phones

Featured phones Others

At mint mobile, apple iPhone XS Max, Apple iPhone XS, Apple iPhone XR, Apple iPhone 7 plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 3, Samsung Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel two XL, Motorola Z3 Play, LG V30 Plus, LG G6, BLU Vivo XL+, etc are mainly featured.

In the past, it used to be pronounced that Mint Wireless doesn’t promote its very own telephones to clients despite the wait, that’s untrue. If it used to be real at one point, it no longer is. Mint does promote their personal unlocked telephones, however, they can be a bit expensive.

Luckily, you can signal up for a month-to-month fee plan. The solely plausible difficulty for some is that they’ll choose to run a savings test to make certain you qualify for their 3rd-party lender. With that said, it would possibly be a higher notion to purchase yourself a well-matched system someplace else and convey it over – which brings us to our subsequent section.


Mint Mobile does provide a Bring Your Own Phone program. The sole necessities are that your smartphone is a GSM, unlocked phone. Find your IMEI with the aid of dialing *#06#, then toss the I.D. quantity into Mint’s compatibility checker. If it’s compatible, you’ll locate out speedy and be off to the races.

Mint Mobile Customer Service

While clients at mint mobile may additionally like the lower-priced fees and clarity of Mint Mobile, they do now not like the purchaser help experience. If you have to name in for help, it may also now not go properly – as Mint subreddit customers discuss.

However, that does tend to be a reality of lifestyles for wi-fi carriers in particular when there are no IRL shops to seek advice from. Even Cricket Wireless has shops you can go to if you want in-person assistance but sadly Mint does not.

That said, Mint’s aid core online isn’t horrible there are plenty of FAQ-style questions and solutions to consult, as properly as how-to movies and a range of ability of contact.

Mint Mobile Recap

As with most Mobile Virtual Network Operators, what you acquire in more cost-effective fees you lose in consumer carrier and doubtlessly the great records speeds or great coverage. Mint’s bulk-buying plans make it special amongst the many wi-fi carriers in the industry, and if you’re searching for bare-bones, paid-for long-term Mint Mobile simply may be the proper provider for you.

But if you’re now not very DIY-support-inclined, you favor a limitless data option, or you simply desire some perks – Mint in all likelihood won’t work for you. Take a seem at Simple Mobile, Republic Wireless, or MetroPCS for equal or greater information for the equal price.



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