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Nordstrom Credit Card Review

Is Nordstrom Online Store Safe?

Nordstrom is a genuine organization, no inquiry concerning that. Their profile with the Better Business Bureau is positive as well. The issue comes in when you like something, get it and some way or another things don’t go as arranged and you want your cashback. They don’t dole out discounts very much like that, particularly assuming you can’t get your butt to an actual store to present your defense. Transportation can likewise be a bad dream for both homegrown and worldwide shipments.

Nordstrom Shipping

Standard transportation to the US is free to all states. You would then be able to anticipate your request in 3-5 workdays. On the off chance that you want quicker conveyance, it will cost you $12 to get your request in 2 workdays and $20 for 24-hour conveyance. To get your thing on some other Saturday, it will cost you $35, however, you’ll either need to put in your request before Friday, 3 pm ET.


  • $40 introductory reward
  • 3 focuses per $1 spent at Nordstrom
  • No yearly charge


  • No 0% introduction rate

Nordstrom Credit Card Review Summary

A Nordstrom credit card is a decent decision for individuals with reasonable credit or better who consistently make buys from Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club. Nordstrom credit cards have $0 yearly charges, so they’re effectively beneficial, and they surrender to 3 focuses per $1 spent. Each 2,000 focuses you acquire merit a $20 gift declaration.

Like most significant retailers, Nordstrom offers two credit cards: one that must be utilized to make buys from the Nordstrom group of retailers and another that works essentially anyplace credit is acknowledged. In any case, you can’t just pick the adaptation you need and apply for it straightforwardly. All candidates are first considered for the more prohibitive rendition, the Nordstrom Store Credit Card, while very capable candidates who much of the time make Nordstrom buys may get the Nordstrom Visa Credit Card.

However, it shouldn’t make any difference which variant you get, as long as you can imagine Nordstrom and are open to conveying more than one credit card (since nor is probably going to be your regular spending vehicle).

Nordstrom Credit Card Review Highlights

$40 Initial Bonus

Shopping at Nordstrom the day you are endorsed for a record will consequently procure you a $40 gift authentication, shipped off you via the post office. Also, who would rather not get compensated $40 for a buy that would most likely be made at any rate?

3 Points Per $1 Spent At Nordstrom

Regardless of which Nordstrom card you get, you will acquire 3 focuses per $1 in buys at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom.com, NordstromRack.com, HauteLook, and Nordstrom lists. Each time you accrue 2,000 focuses (i.e., each $1,000 you spend), you will naturally get a $20 gift declaration via the post office. The authentications lapse following one year.

Early Access To Sales and Other Perks

As a cardholder, you will want to exploit the incredible arrangements presented during Nordstrom’s yearly commemoration deal before the overall population. That is incredible information for any Nordstrom-adoring arrangement tracker who would prefer not to battle about special things.

You will likewise be relegated to a specific prizes “level,” contingent upon the amount you go through at Nordstrom every year. Beneath you can track down the limits and relate advantages for each level.

LevelAnnual Nordstrom SpendingFree AlterationsTriple Point DaysExclusive Holiday ExperienceBiannual “Remarkable Experiences VIP In-Store Events

1 $0-$1,999, Up to $100

2 $2,000-$4,999, Up to $200

3 $5,000-$9,999, Up to $300

4 $10,000+ Unlimited

No Annual Fee

Most retailer-associated credit cards don’t charge a yearly expense, which implies this specific advantage isn’t exceptional. Yet, the shortfall of such a charge is desirable over the presence of one. This makes it more straightforward to legitimize having a credit card that you don’t utilize each day and empowers financially savvy credit building.

Nordstrom Credit Card Review Lowlights

No 0% Intro Financing For New Purchases

Neither Nordstrom credit card will assist you with getting a good deal on first-class buys that you can’t pay for in full inside a solitary charging period. One of the fundamental purposes behind that is the absence of a 0% initial rate for new buys. Any equilibrium that you convey from one month to another will rather accrue interest at the card’s standard rate.

Different Things To Consider About The Nordstrom Credit Card Review

Potential For A Reasonable Regular APR

Contingent upon your general creditworthiness, you could be doled out an APR of 25.9% (V) with the store-just Nordstrom card. In any case, this isn’t motivation to convey an equilibrium from one month to another. Doing as such still will be costly, only not quite as costly as it would be with numerous different cards.

Arranged Visa Cardholder Benefits

Assuming that you get supported for the Nordstrom Credit Card, you will approach advantages like rental-vehicle insurance, travel mishap insurance, and a day in and day out attendant.

Balance Transfers Not Allowed

In the same way as other store-partnered credit cards, neither Nordstrom card permits clients to move existing equilibriums from other plastic. They subsequently won’t assist you with lessening the expense of sums previously owed or assist you with arriving at obligation opportunity quicker, if both of those is your objective.



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