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Services And Things You Should Know About Hugendubel

Hugendubel is Germany’s largest independently owned bookstore. offers free shipment to your house or your nearest Hugendubel branch.

Hugendubel books are also delivered to branches is an online bookstore that sells books in a variety of genres, ranging from thrillers to romantic novels. offers a broad choice of manuals, specialized books, and audiobooks, as well as the most important new goods, bestsellers, and classics. Browse to your heart’s delight and order books, videos, and music from the comfort of your own home. Hugendubel takes care of free shipping to your front door starting at 29€ and for all books.

The Hugendubel family’s passion for books is currently in its fifth generation. Hugendubel has over 100 branches around Germany, in addition to their online book delivery service. You can quickly pick up books that have been ordered online.

Hugendubel has everything from bestsellers to reference books

Since 1893, Hugendubel has devoted his life to books in all their forms and hues. reflects this experience as well. You’ll find a wide range of printed publications here, including new releases and bestsellers, as well as guides, specialist literature, and the best children’s books. Whether it’s a thriller, a novel, or a story from around the world, every book is sent fast and at no cost to you.

Hugendubel also sells audiobooks, eBooks, movies, music, and toys

Hugendubel also sells audiobooks, eBooks, movies, music, and toys. also sells audiobooks, eBooks, films, music, and toys in addition to the printed word. makes it easy for music and cinema fans to find new releases and classics in image and sound, with categories and styles clearly labeled. In addition, Hugendubel online bookshop has a big collection of audiobooks from many genres. Lean back and let your favorite work carry you away, whether at home or on the go.

Hugendubel also has a large range of novels for children and teenagers that are adapted to music. Hugendubel toy selection also provides enjoyable amusement for the entire family; you’ll always find the perfect gift for your children here. If you prefer to read digitally, take a look at Hugendubel’s large variety of eBooks and their current tolino eBook Reader to get a taste of high-tech writing.

Hugendubel Bookshop has now opened in your city

For five generations, the Hugendubel family has been dedicated to literature. This is how a network of bookshops sprung up in numerous German cities. Hugendubel offers its customers the whole range of book purchases whether acquired over the Internet, purchased in a classic bookshop, or picked up in conjunction with the book mail order from Look forward to fascinating book readings and many other events at your local Hugendubel branch. Without obligation, sign up for their event newsletter at

Hugendubel is an open book, this is how they save money

Hugendubel Fachinformationen is the media and service partner of choice for libraries, government agencies, lawyers, schools, universities, businesses, clinics, and practices. Hugendubel perceives itself as a service provider that streamlines and manages the complete media buying process for you from a single source. Hugendubel finds and buys books, specialized literature, and digital media for you prepares them to the highest standards and brings them to your doorstep. Hugendubel is well-versed in your requirements.

Hugendubel specialist information is a division of Hugendubel, Germany’s largest owner-managed bookstore. This gives Hugendubel access to a diverse choice of products, expert market analysis, and a logistical network of more than 150 locations.

The numbers and the facts about Hugendubel

  • over 50,000 clients collaborate with over 2,000 publishers and suppliers throughout the world
  • There are 30 million titles in the online catalog, with 1,800,000 digital media titles available for download
  • Books, periodicals, loose-leaf collections, visual media, DVD, audiobooks, games, e-books, online databases, licenses, antiquarian and out-of-print publications are among the media types available
  • Hugendubel has approximately 150 locations across the world, each with a personal contact for guidance.

Hugendubel’s digital services Specialist information

Hugendubel gives publisher-independent online offers and assists you with the shift to digital material, from e-books to databases.


A broad selection of e-books can be found on the Hugendubel web platform. There are over half a million titles accessible for immediate download. All essential nonfiction and specialist works, as well as new releases and bestsellers, are included. Hugendubel tolino e-book readers are especially user-friendly and enjoyable to read.

Digital offers 

Hugendubel works with all major publishers and specialty book suppliers as sales partners. As a result, Hugendubel may make you customized offers. These are essentially topic bundles and access to digital databases, in addition to e-books and e-journals.

Multiple and campus licenses

Hugendubel will create an individual model for you to lend or utilize to control access to digital content for your employees, library customers, or university members. It operates across all platforms and was developed in collaboration with Hugendubel content partners and digital wholesalers.

According to your criteria, Hugendubel create the license model as a unique blend of printed and digital media. Hugendubel is responsible for the research, distribution, and technical processing of your purchases.

Hugendubel Auditors’ media and service

Current specialist literature for your legal firm’s development and administration of specialist knowledge.

Hugendubel Fachinformation is a qualified partner for auditing companies when it comes to printed and digital specialist media. Hugendubel has a vast collection of specialized commercial, legal, and tax literature. This comprises specialized literature on auditing, accounting, and controlling, as well as current comments, recommendations, and rules on auditing, accounting, business law, and tax law. Orders for subscriptions are, of course, possible.

Hugendubel Extensive service

Hugendubel handles every aspect of media procurement for you as your service provider, from consultation, research, and selection to delivery of printed and digital media. For you, this means significant time and cost savings, as well as a significant reduction in workload. Many unique services are available to you: 

  • a case-related, quick investigation of specialized literature, permanent contact person for your law company or practice
  • Analysis of requirements and recommendations for the best stock library
  • Free delivery within 24 hours
  • Hugendubel’s website allows you to manage your literature and subscriptions.
  • All scientific internet databases provide advice.
  • Previous editions of key standard literature can be purchased.
  • Sorting loose-leaf collections and flexible billing based on your needs

Hugendubel Digital Media & Database Services

Hugendubel has a broad range of digital media, such as eBooks and eJournals, as a distribution partner for all major publishers and specialized book providers. Hugendubel will also provide you with qualified guidance, customized solutions, and test access to internet databases. The databases beck-online, NWB, Haufe, JURION, and Juris are only a few examples.

Hugendubel Literature and Inventory Management in an Online Portal 

Hugendubel Literature and Inventory Management in an Online Portal Hugendubel Literature and make it simple to find, order, and manage your media inventory. There are around 30 million titles in the online library, with 1,800,000 digital media titles available for download:

  • Media research with a personalized search profile, transparent literature and subscription management, and automatic orders with blacklists, budget management, and statistics
  • Services for new releases on certain themes and at a set frequency
  • Interfaces provide simple import and export options to in-house systems.

Special services of Hugendubel

During the move to digital material, Hugendubel employees will give you competent assistance. Hugendubel chooses to print and internet media in collaboration with you as:

  • competent, publisher-agnostic advice
  • Adaptable billing based on your requirements
  • transparent pricing models/discounts for library patrons

Hugendubel efficient processes and data exchange

Hugendubel can offer seamless, interlocking digital business processes and electronic data interchange.

Hugendubel Fachinformatione n supports your digital business processes in a long-term way. All order processes, order confirmations, metadata delivery, and billing work in tandem with your existing IT systems, seamlessly and automatically. Your advantage is that you are swift and efficient in your actions.



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