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Shop The Best Real Wood Or Plastic Surfaces And Drawers At Baur

Chests of drawers are made of different materials. The most popular are solid wood and coated medium-density fiberboard, or MDF for short. Veneered wood and chipboard are also used in furniture construction. In addition, many chests of drawers are also equipped with a high-gloss front. All materials used by Baur have their advantages:

Solid wood stands for comfort and high quality 

Chests of drawers made of hardwood such as beech or oak are particularly robust, while furniture made of pine and walnut is also popular. Solid wood furniture is at its best when it has only been treated with oil or wax and is otherwise left in its natural state. Shop Now on Baur

A veneer consists of several thin layers of wood

In terms of appearance, veneered wood and solid wood can hardly be distinguished. The advantage of veneer at Baur is that it can be pressed into different shapes and is cheaper than solid wood.

Particle board consists of pressed wood waste and is covered with either a plastic or veneer layer. Chipboard is an inexpensive alternative, but not as robust and durable as solid wood furniture.

Fiberboard, like the popular MDF board, is also made from wood waste at Baur

Other wood-fiber-like biomass from rapeseed or flax is also used in production. MDF boards are a cheap alternative and more robust than chipboard. Pieces of furniture made of MDF boards are available with different surfaces, for example with a wood look or noble high-gloss surfaces in different colors. These surfaces also have the advantage that they are very easy to care for.

Long live the little difference

Chests of drawers derive their name from the French “commode”. Because that was easy when a resourceful person came up with the idea of ​​no longer storing laundry in chests or cupboards but equipping a small piece of furniture with drawers. The women, in particular, are still extremely happy with the storage space miracle, in which everything can be sorted neatly: underwear and socks, towels, and bed linen. The terms chest of drawers and sideboard are mostly used synonymously today, but there are small and subtle differences:

  • The chest of drawers, often in white and high gloss, is a piece of furniture with drawers that is about the height of a table. The classic is the linen chest of drawers in the bedroom.
  • The sideboard, for example, at Baur is made of walnut, originally comes from the dining room as a sideboard, and has doors and shelves. Occasionally there are also smaller drawers in the upper area, for example, to sort the cutlery in them. They are available in many variants, for example as a lowboard for the living room or as a highboard.

Chests of drawers are all-rounders for more space in the house

What to do with all the little treasures in our lives? With the love letters, the scarves and hats, the parlor games, the tea set, the glasses, the ID cards, and the toys? 

Chests of drawers by Baur make the chaos disappear and also decorate the living space. They are available in almost all sizes, and colors, for example, the chest of drawers in white and in different designs, so that you can order the right furniture for every room in the house. 

Storage space for all rooms

There is often a chest of drawers in the bedroom. However, small cupboards with large storage space have proven themselves in many places in the house. Use the following tips to find the right chest of drawers for your living space:

  • You can choose a classic sideboard for crockery, cutlery, trivets, and other table linen. You can store the dishes neatly and dust-proof behind the doors. The cutlery is immediately handed into the drawers. If you need additional space for decorative porcelain or fine glasses, a buffet is the furniture of choice: there is a display case on the sideboard, in which you can showcase your favorite pieces.
  • Letters, the collection of games, batteries and light bulbs, memorabilia from your last vacation – if you need furniture for the living room that combines practical and decorative elements, a modern chest of drawers is ideal. They are available in walnut and with other wood decors. With a mix of shelves, doors, and drawers, they offer you a wide variety of options for clearly arranging the small but important things in life. Chests of drawers are also practical in the hallway: hats and scarves, car keys or the dog leash find their place here.
  • The classic chest of drawers is used in the bedroom or dressing room. Small items of laundry can be sorted clearly so that you don’t have to search long in the morning. Chests of drawers have also proven their worth in the children’s room: the toys are quickly tidied up and always ready to hand. The chest of drawers in the bedroom is often found in white, sometimes with a high-gloss finish.
  • Special shoe cabinets by Baur have been developed for storing shoes. Here you have the choice between a tilting system and a classic, slightly sloping shelving system. The advantage of the tilting system is that the drawers can be closed. However, the compartments are usually not designed for shoes with high heels or in large sizes. In such cases, a variant with shelves is the better choice.
  • Another specialist among chests of drawers is the changing table. This is perfectly designed by Baur for the needs of the baby and mother. The changing unit has a height of 85 to 93 centimeters and, in addition to drawers for the nappies, also a changing attachment that ensures that your baby lies safely and comfortably when changing.
  • Lowboards are the right choice for your living room if you need a place for the TV and stereo. Lowboards are lower than the classic version. The height of the low board is based on the seat height of the sofa and is between 30 and 50 centimeters. Since there is usually space for a flat-screen on the lowboard, it also comes with a small depth. It is available in different sizes, with a width between 50 and 270 centimeters being common. Shop Now on Baur


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