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The 18 Best White Swimsuits We’re So Into Right Now

If I were to write a short list of clothing items that scare me, somewhere after super-tight dresses and before uncomfortable shoes and white jeans, you’d find white swimsuits. I don’t particularly love wearing swimsuits in the first place (but buy them anyway), so if you take a category that already makes me uncomfortable and choose a white, nowhere-to-hide iteration, I’m downright petrified. It’s kind of how my co-worker Maxine feels about another popular swim trend.

Nonetheless, you can imagine my confusion when I suddenly noticed how many of my favourites suits were actually white. Maybe seeing so many of them (after all, they are having a moment) helped, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t end up ordering a couple while researching for stories.

Will I end up channeling my inner Sofia Richie this summer? Only time will tell, but for now, you can shop all the nicest white bikinis and one-pieces I have my eyes on below and see how some of my other favourite stylish women are pulling them off along the way.

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