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The 29 Best Volumising Hair Products for Thin Hair in 2024

People often get a little bit confused when I harp on about my thin hair. “Your hair isn’t even that thin,” they say. However, it’s important to note that just because somebody has a lot of hair doesn’t mean it’s thick. My hair is long, sure, but when my lengths are overdue for a cut, they look scraggly and my lack of actual strands becomes all too apparent.

However, that’s not to say that my hair isn’t consistently thin all over. At the nape of my neck, I’d say I have an average amount of hair, but as you move your attention toward the crown of my head, you could probably count the individual hairs sprouting out of my scalp. Over the years, I’ve become somewhat self-conscious of the bald(ish) patch where my thin hair parts at the crown of my head and have dedicated a lot of time and money to finding ways to disguise it. But there is one thing that has made this quest exceptionally difficult: I hate the feeling of volumising product in my hair.


I have found that most volumising hair products add so much unwanted grit, weight and density to my already-drab strands that they actually leave them looking as though they haven’t been washed for approximately three weeks. On top of that, I like my hair to feel clean, fresh and light, like a soft, fluffy extension of my being, and volumising hair products do their very best to dampen that vibe.

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