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The 9 Best Petite Jeans That Will Actually Fit

When it comes to being petite, there are a few things I have learnt to accept. For example, I know I’ll never be able to reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets or have a perfect unobstructed view at a music concert. I also know that getting on the Tube in peak hours will probably result in being squished in between other people’s shoulders (or worse, armpits). 

While I am perfectly content with my smaller stature and the compromises that it forces upon me, there is one thing I am not willing to settle on, and that is ill-fitting clothing. I stand at just 5’2″, and finding clothes for my size can often be a challenge. Although I’m happy to style an oversized blazer or slouchy knit from time to time, tracking down the perfect pair of jeans can be a very time-consuming endeavour.

Options are quite limited when it comes to jeans for petite women, but the market is growing. There are a few retailers, now, that are managing to fill the gap in the market. From Whistles’ new range to River Island’s impressive affordable offering, several brands have created dedicated shorter-leg options, and believe me when I tell you it has taken the hassle out of finding jeans. Unfortunately, more often than not, petite sizes can only be found online and aren’t readily available to try on in-store, which can make sizing a little difficult.

With this in mind, I decided to track down as many pairs as I could find and do the boring job of trying them all on for you. Below, I’m offering my honest opinion on the best petite jeans I found, from the best straight-leg style to the perfect wide-leg silhouettes. There are even cropped options and full-length flares that don’t drag on the ground, all of which I found in an effort to help other petite women out there. Keep scrolling to see my take… 

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