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The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Shopping Grocery Online!

Once upon a time, it could not have been thought that groceries could ever be shopped through the internet. But the uprising of digital marketing has made this happen and has made it a regular feature. There will be pros and cons for these features for online grocery shopping Shop Now on Iceland

  1. You can place an order online round the clock, at any time of the day.
  2. Groceries ordered will be delivered at your door or a certain designated mail locker.
  3. There are different slots for the timing of deliveries; you can select any of the spaces as per your choice.
  4. You get the latest and the best quality and freshness of materials so that there is least of complaint from clients.
  5. Visiting the physical stores and standing long hours in the queue are tiresome affairs.
  6. You can browse the best quality materials by browsing online in your leisure time and ordering online to get the best of the lot.
  7. It becomes easier to be within the budgeted limit
  8. Adults in the households can give more time for cleaning, cooking, shuttling kids, walking the dog, or other hectic routine work.

How does Online Grocery Shopping work?

Each online store has its method of handling the shopping work. Most online stores require that you make a login and password. There is a list of non-perishable grocery items, including the eatables, which you can order as per your requirement. There are different time slots within which the grocery is delivered to you. 

The ordered quantity is delivered to your doorstep at the time slots that are indicated. Besides the grocery cost, the online sites charge a pre-fixed amount of delivery charges and charges for the places.

1: Online Grocery Shopping

Pros: The ease of personal convenience and comfort is the biggest advantage. The time you would have otherwise spent on physical shopping can be used productively on some more practical work. The online sites have facilities for live charts, and someone relevant to your order will be there on the other side with whom you can discuss any issues related to your order. You can communicate your likes and dislikes more specifically.

Cons: Some online sites may not be designed and equipped properly to meet the full requirements. But by responding positively to the customers’ negative feedback, such sites are improving.

2: Delivery at Your Doorsteps

Pros: Deliveries are made at your doorsteps within the time slots as indicated by you. You don’t have to wait because you know the exact time when the grocery reaches your home. You can mind your own important business.

Cons: The convenience of delivery comes at a price. The click-and-collect method is still a quicker and better method for delivery. But you have to bear the extra cost for the same. The pandemic makes it still a surer way of delivery as people avoid moving out for shopping.

3: Delivery Slots for Pickup

Pros: Online grocery sites give home delivery options, click-and-collect method, or mail locker. The delivery slot may be fixed according to your convenience and maybe an hour or two hours. If you choose a delivery window of 18 hours from seven days a week, you can easily fit your grocery shopping. Shopping grocery is also a part of your commitment like other commitments.

Cons: On weekends or holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Day, you will have to pay higher delivery charges. Alternatively, you may be required to book delivery slots quite in advance.

4: Hassles for Parking 

Pros: You are not required to negotiate the in-store crowds for parking charges at peak times. You can avoid driving those extra miles and taking the trouble of parking your vehicle amidst the crowds.

Cons: Some customers may feel isolated as they are cut off to mix up with people physically.

5: Quality of Fresh Food

Pros: Guarantee of quality is the major factor that adds to the success of an online grocery shop. Fresh food is always the best food one can relish. Online shoppers give maximum importance to the freshness and quality of food. They take every care to see that there is minimum possible time elapse between the final production of any item and the actual delivery slot. Your satisfaction counts greatly for their success.

Cons: Even if the items are guaranteed to be fresh, there are items such as fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits that don’t seem as new as they are perceived to be.

6: Save money

Pros: When you order online, you save money on car parking and gasoline to visit the store. But when you order online, you get sufficient time for browsing the exclusive special offer, based on which your final order for grocery. You also get the opportunity of comparing the prices of big-value items with comparison grocery shopping websites. These websites give you a comparative analysis of the costs of other grocers. 

Cons: Some popular items may get fully sold off before your allotted delivery time. Even if the supermarket brings suitable substitutes, you may get disappointed with the same.

7: Knowing the Ingredients Inside

Pros: You can search and compare different brands and check the size of the package, nutrition facts, and ingredients inside. 

Cons: Being tempted with special offers, you may be tempted to overspend. 

8: Double-check Your Inventory

Pros: While placing the order, you check the inventory on hand and prevent placing orders for duplicates or forgetting items that need to be brought in person from the store. You can add specific things you need or items you run low to your next cart.

Cons: Despite all precautions, some items may be forgotten to be ordered that will call for extra efforts. 

9: Encourages Planning of Meal

Pros: Payment made for the service may encourage you to get your week’s requirement with one service fee. For doing so, you need to carry an upfront planning. But the ultimate benefit is saving money, time, and calories.

Cons: Bulk supplies of food may be unhealthy. 

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