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The Best Retinol Serum From StriVectin

I’ve worked in the beauty industry long enough to know that it’s full of myths, especially in the skincare department. While I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to sage beauty advice from your friends and family, I am pointing out that there are a lot of common things people (including myself!) have been led to believe that are just not true. “You don’t need a moisturizer if your skin is oily” is one that comes to mind. But arguably the biggest rumor of all? “[It’s] that people with sensitive skin can’t use retinol,” says board-certified dermatologist¬†Brittany Oliver, MD, FAAD. “It’s all about finding the right product and using it correctly. Too often, people mix retinol with other actives, which can impact tolerability and prevent many from successfully incorporating retinol into their routines.”

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