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The Best Shoe Brands of 2024, According to Editors


Trust me, I can talk about shoe trends every second of every day of the week (and I do). But trends mean nothing if the brands making them can’t be trusted to manufacture them with in ways that actually suit their intended audience’s needs, from comfort to longevity and beyond. Nobody’s been wooed by a beautiful and very of-the-moment shoe more than I have, only to discover that the pair isn’t even wearable for any period of time, let alone an 8-hour, jam-packed day like the ones our editors are used to.

Because of that, I figured there were no better people to ask for first-hand shoe recommendations than my co-workers, aka the people who I know for a fact walk for hours in heels and somehow manage to do it again the next day (and the next). They’ve tried every brand under the sun, and still, when I called on them to share their picks for this year’s best ones, their responses were practically immediate. 

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