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The Best Store For Your Garden; Baldur Garten

The freshest and brand new plant hits for the 2022 garden season may be found in the Baldur Garten online shop under the motto “New and never seen before!”

BALDUR, a specialty mail-order company founded in 1901, is a true expert on new species and rarities. The company’s roots are in Erfurt, where it began with seed growing and bulk order shipment. The business flourished swiftly. 

It traveled west shortly before the Wall was completed, stopping at Heppenheim and then in the neighboring town of Bensheim after a few detours. Meanwhile, the company is run by the third generation and is a trendsetter, offering a wide range of novel plant species to the market!

Over 150 new products and 250 rare items are available at Baldur Garten

This season, over 1,500 offers await you, including over 150 new products and over 250 unique items for the garden, balcony, and patio. New hardy perennials, flowering ornamental shrubs, specialty roses, balcony and summer flowering bulbs, appealing flower bulbs, and seeds are all part of the collection. The Excellent quality and presentation!

BALDUR, which had roughly 400 people at its peak, today ships over 1,000,000 items every year. The sophisticated Bensheim shipping and logistics center provides on-time and faultless delivery, just in time for the ideal planting season! Baldur Garten sends all packages with DPD, one of the most dependable shipping service companies, from Baldur Garten’s site on the Bergstraße in Bensheim.

Get the most stunning sights! Isotoma “Blue Foot®” and phlox mix “Flowers of the Sea,” columnar fruit collection, summer lilac “Papillion Tricolor,” mystical ornamental grasses, powerful hedge plants, high-yielding fruit trees, and more!

Since 1901, hobby gardeners from throughout Germany have placed orders. BALDUR currently serves Austria, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, as well as other adjacent nations.

Baldur Garten is known for his unique ideas and collectibles!

Over the years, the range has grown and evolved. Seeds were the beginning of everything. Today, BALDUR is known for its uniqueness and inventions! The product groups of perennials, ornamental trees, roses, summer flowers, flower bulbs, potted plants, young plants, and fruit trees always have great standouts. The entire collection is a veritable treasure mine of the odd and lovely.

Baldur Garten has always placed a high value on flawless quality

Flowers in abundance and high harvests are guaranteed. Gardening is simple thanks to helpful care advice. In the online shop, you’ll find a wealth of useful information.

Baldur Garten’s huge glass greenhouse is of high quality.

As soon as the plants arrive at the Baldur Garten facility, they are quality-checked in our huge glass greenhouse and given specific shipment packing. This keeps the plants safe while they’re being transported. Colorful picture labels refer to the article and provide plant-related recommendations and information. Three master gardeners and up to five more gardeners are always monitoring the plant’s optimal state.

Every day, Baldur Garten sends out about 15,000 shipments

Baldur Garten items are in ideal conditions in their new building, which Baldur Garten was able to finish in 2010. Baldur Garten can always provide fresh quality to its consumers because of the appropriate incidence of light and ideal ventilation and heating. Baldur Garten ship around 15,000 packages per day during peak season. Employees at BALDUR work tirelessly to ensure that all customer orders are thoroughly processed. Every year, Baldur Garten sends out millions of plants to gardeners and plant enthusiasts.

Approximately 800,000 shipments leave the Baldur Garten facility each year. The two most important seasons are spring and autumn. Seasonal surges can also be softened in the future thanks to cutting-edge logistics. Up to 300 people ensure that the shipping products are processed efficiently. Year after year, a large number of employees continue to support Baldur Garten. This makes us very delighted. However, Baldur Garten also provides accessories and ornamental products, which are all sent from their shipping facility.

Customers can place orders in a variety of methods at Baltur Garten!

In Baldur Garten’s big administration building, up to 40 hardworking employees in the customer service department await your call or email. Baldur Garten is available 24 hours a day. This is something Baldur Garten is extremely proud of. There are also the most current working conditions offered here, which have a favorable impact on customer service quality. The management and its team eagerly await your response.

Your order will be despatched when the weather and planting conditions are ideal. Baldur Garten team will begin preparing for delivery as soon as the desired plants become available for shipment.

Only the highest quality products leave Baldur Garten’s facility

Baldur Garten’s continuous quality control, which starts with their sub-suppliers, ensures this. With blossoming and strong plants, you benefit from this! Take advantage of the extensive selection in their catalogs and online store.

Baldur Garten has gained the trust in more than 100 years

Put your trust in BALDUR’s over 100 years of shipping experience and order your favorites from the convenience of your own home. You can also compete in the garden contest. With a little luck, you’ll be on the winners’ list shortly and receive a fantastic prize.

Vegetables & Herbs At Baldur Garten

You may harvest crunchy veggies and fresh herbs in the yard, on the balcony, or on the terrace with your vegetable plants and herbs! Growing your veggies and herbs is enjoyable, and the harvest is nutritious and delicious! Fruits from homegrown veggies are sometimes far more aromatic than those purchased at the grocery.

At BALDUR-Garten, you’ll find tough plants for crunchy veggies and aromatic herbs that are both gorgeous and delicious! BALDUR is an expert in garden and plant dispatch! Herb and vegetable plants are popular on the balcony and in the garden.

Fruit Plants At Baldur Garten

Fruit trees supply you with super-healthy, super-tasty fruit that comes straight from your snack garden. In the new BALDUR collection, you’ll find a wide variety of fruit trees and columnar fruit, as well as delectable vegetable oddities. Many fruit trees and shrubs are excellent for a small fruit garden, as well as balconies and terraces. BALDUR garden sells and delivers high-quality fruit plants, fruit trees, and fruit bushes online.



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