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The Brown Dress Trend Is Expensive-Looking and Chic

As I type this I’m in loungewear, desperate to break free and dress up smartly again. I can’t deny that I’ve spent a fair few hours over the Christmas break thinking about 2024 trends and next year’s outfit planning while in the scruffiest of clothes, but such is the inclination of an editor! There are still some items and trends that I’m undecided upon, but one thing I feel 100 per cent certain about is that I really want to buy into the brown dress trend. I’m a dress enthusiast, and right now, IMHO, nothing strikes a chicer look than a simply-cut, brown-hued dress. There was a lot of talk in 2023 about printed styles being considered “out” and while I don’t ascribe to that notion, I do think there’s something refreshing and elegant about a plain dress in a rich colour, and perhaps that’s not a huge surprise considering how the last few months have played out. We’ve seen an increase in anything chocolate, chestnut and coffee (or any shades around this part of the spectrum) being adopted: chic brown coats, classy brown boots and the trend has even moved into the world of beauty with refined latte makeup and brown nails both proving to be popular.

Keep scrolling to see fashion lovers already investing in the brown dress trend, and my edit of the best to consider now.

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