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The Comfort Hub By Pavers, The Home Of Comfortable Shoes for women!

Are you looking for footwear made with style and Comfort, both? And the ideal fit? Then you have got a good in luck, at pavers you can find out what makes our footwear so comfortable, from the plush reminiscence foam insoles to the anatomic designs, plus pavers light-weight and bendy technological knows that how to keep you on your feet for longer.


Pavers examine the fine from you, that’s why their large suit shoe collections have been mainly formulated to provide the best fit, each time. Pavers have gone long to magnificent lengths to deliver you the footwear that fits well, gives a blissful experience and provides foot-flattering style.


How about the footwear that makes reality easier? You can expect to discover the best fit, with pavers vary of adjustable shoes. They are aware of there’s no such component as the common foot, that’s why pavers dual fit footwear have been specially crafted for those who go through from swollen feet, discover convenient fastenings for a precision match that’s private to you.


Pavers made them by using special advanced technology, pavers memory foam footwear are designed to mold and shape the contours of your foot, promising exactly positioned cushioning that will increase your alleviation and help the natural shape of your foot.


Shoes at pavers are anatomically designed, and these are the footwear that are carved, sculpted, and contoured to suit the shape of your feet, giving you exactly positioned cushioning that redistributes the weight throughout your feet, lowering foot pressure.


Paver’s lightweight unique shoe collections give an ultra-lightweight and supremely flexy comfort experience. Delivering a walkin on clouds remedy experience, their lightweight soles have been specially molded to support the shape of your foot to give splendid strength return and excessive shock absorption.

The Best Wide Fit Shoes for women by pavers

So, to serve you on your way, we’ve finished the tough work for you and gathered some of the quality wide-fit footwear that is at the top of everyone’s wishlists. Scroll on to get the whole thing from women’s wide-fit boots by pavers from traditional loafers to significantly comfy slippers. At pavers, every footwear is crafted with the best in shape for extensive feet.

1. Perfect everyday shoes

Loretta is a company that is cherished for its magnificent slip-on shoes, and this footwear has been made with superbly gentle leather-based that will mold and shape your foot. The cleverly cushioned insole can be eliminated and changed with inlays if you want to tailor the shoe’s shape to shape your foot. Also, there are no fastenings on this footwear simply stretchy elastic vents so you can without any problem, quickly slip them on, and they will stretch to match your genuine form must you go through from swollen feet.

Why you will love them:

  • Quality leather uppers
  • Removable insole
  • Stretch fit design

2. Easy everyday elegance

These loafers will immediately smarten up your favorite pair of pieces of denim or even your woolly tights and wintery weather dresses, Pavers crafted this with an extra-wide shape they’re the ideal loafers for women with an E+ foot width. With a timeless patent upper, they’re perfect for carrying in cold and thru the hotter months too. Pavers have made these with a cushioned footbed, wonderful smooth linings, and light-weight soles, so they’re convenient to put on and will stay at ease throughout the day.

Why you will love them:

  • Extra-wide EE+ fit
  • Cushioned insole
  • Padded linings

3. The Best Ankle Boots for Wide Feet, Classic and comfortable

We love nothing extra than pulling out a trustworthy pair of ankle boots in the chillier months, and as they could be pavers most liked sneakers desire for the subsequent few months, we all want a pair that will hold us feeling comfortable, however, we want to work with the whole thing that pavers already have in the wardrobe. This is crafted with a capacious and cushioned interior, these boots by pavers are a desire to slip on and off thanks to the aspect zip fastening.

Why will you love them:

  • Durable leather uppers
  • Easy side zip fastening
  • Lightweight and flexible

4. The Best Boots for Wide Calves, A made to measure fit

When it comes to discovering the ideal and trendy knee-high boots, one size actually doesn’t suit and there are lots to consider, from your shoe size to your foot and calf width, these are all areas of the boots that want to fit you properly to hold you comfortable whole day long. These knee-high boots by pavers have been in particular crafted with a wider calf and unique twin elastic vents at the top of the boots to make certain a genuine and a little more flexibility for your comfort.

Why will you love them:

  • Wide calf fit
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Cushioned insole

5. The Most Stylish Wide Fit Boots, Walk on the wild side

Chelsea boots will continually be a favorite, and this leopard print pair through Fly Flot have all the bases covered, is effortless to slip on, is infinitely comfortable, and is of course versatile too. What’s no longer to love? The label’s signature anatomic designs have been up to date right here at pavers with a gentle memory foam insole that will mold to cushion the precise form of your foot, plus the twin elastic panels will stretch to match your foot, giving a little greater stretch if necessary.

Why will you love them:

  • Memory foam insole
  • Easy pull-on design
  • Light and flexible

6. The Best Trainers for Wide Feet, Casual and comfortable kicks

Pavers have been donning trainers on repeat over the final year, they’ve been the dependable shoe that has taken them incredibly a whole lot everywhere, from staycations, leisurely days at domestic or our everyday walks, and pavers don’t intend to supply them up whenever soon! These wide-fit trainers guarantee to provide your leisurely appearance a refresh, made with a sporty memory foam insole with high-rebounding cushioning and a more lightweight sole to preserve you moderate on your feet.

Why will you love them:

  • Memory foam insole
  • Sporty traction sole
  • Slip-on design

7. The Best Wide Fit Slippers, Who is the coziest of them all?

Perhaps the most coveted of all, a pair of slippers is a preference for preserving ease and heat via the cold days and nights, and this luxurious pair of slippers are simply the aspect you need. Made with fleecy faux fur uppers and linings and these slippers are formed with an anatomic shape that will suit the specific shape of your foot to provide you extremely good comfort. These slippers by pavers will make the best present for any individual or one of a kind this Christmas or a deal with for yourself really!

Why will you love them:

  • Anatomic design
  • Memory foam insole
  • Soft faux fur linings

8. The Best Wide Fit House Shoes, At-home glamour

We all love a habitation shoe, with all the at ease advantages of a slipper and these are the type of footwear that will add a little more glamour to your downtime resembles. This wide-fit pair by pavers has been created with a smart v-cut form that will permit for flexibility as you step, plus their easy mule shape will permit them to be without difficulty slipped on and off, super for sporting as quickly as you step thru the front door.

Why will you love them:

  • Jacquard fabric
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Gripped and flexible


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