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The Difference Between French and American Style

There’s no denying the fact that we’re obsessed with French-girl style. As we’ve discussed pretty tirelessly, Parisian women dress in a way that, for whatever reason, other women aspire to achieve. Normally, we ask our favourite French girls all about the items they’re buying, wearing, loving, etc., so that we can all go off and make our purchases accordingly, but this time we wanted to switch it up. Intrigued yet?

We reached out to a handful of our favourite French women and asked them what, if anything, it is about American style in particular they don’t “get”. I tried guessing before I asked them the daunting question, but my answers were nowhere close to what they had to say. When it comes to the differences between American and French style, these Parisian ladies have quite a few things to say. Ahead, find out what French girls said…

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