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These Are the 11 Most Popular Hairstyles Right Now

I’m not sure about you, but summer is always the season when I feel inspired to switch up my hair. Experimenting with a new style, shape, or colour feels like an appropriate way to embrace the onslaught of summer social events, post-winter hibernation. That said, I have been feeling somewhat overwhelmed in the run-up to my first hair appointment of summer 2023. Should I go for a full-on transformation and get my hair chopped into short bob or embrace my current long hairstyle and add a fringe? There are so many hair possibilities to choose from, and I know that friends and family are feeling equally confused.

So who better to turn to than the experts themselves for some guidance? While we’ve already touched on what experts are predicting will be the biggest hair trends for 2023, we’re left asking another question: What are people actually asking for in salons at the moment?

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