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Top 10 Youth Books You Should Have On Your List In 2022!

There’s nothing like picking up a fresh new book to enjoy, and with 2022 just around the horizon, readers have a plethora of options. This year will be filled with extraordinary works of literature that touch and explore vital subjects like culture, gender, love, grief, and much more.

It is going to be a year filled with extraordinary books. We recognize that, as exciting as new releases are, the number and variety of them may be overwhelming. So, to make it easier for you to choose your next book, we’ve compiled a list of the most awaited Youth books of 2022. Shop Now on

  1.  “The Maid” by Nita Prose

Molly Gray isn’t like others. Her social skills are lacking, and she misreads people’s intentions. Molly, 25, has been navigating life’s challenges alone since Gran passed a few months ago. She pours herself into her job as a hotel maid with passion.

Molly finds things in disorder in the notorious and affluent Charles Black’s apartment, and Mr. Black is dead in his bed, upsetting Molly’s tidy existence.

The Maid, a locked-room mystery and a delightful spiritual trip, examines what something means toward being the same as everybody else but completely different—and illustrates that all riddles may be solved through a human heart connection.

  1. “The Chandler Legacies” by Abdi Nazemian

In this narrative about five pupils in a posh boarding school, the truth surfaces and puts everything to the test. Beth, Amanda, Sarah, Freddy, and Ramin end themselves in the same writing group and are challenged by a professor to write their most honest, personal truths.

When their professor urges them to write their truth, they reveal secrets, horrific LGBTQ experiences, familial betrayals, and much more, all of which threaten to shatter the foundations of Chandler itself; however, is the truth enough to alter Chandler’s long-standing abuse culture? Moreover, will their friendship be able to withstand the consequences?

  1. “The Ivory Key” by Akshaya Raman

Four estranged royal brothers must band together to survive the challenging trek to The Ivory Key. The one thing that will bring them together may break them apart forever if each sibling has secrets and goals.

Magic, a valuable thing, is the only thing that stands between war and peace in this epic YA fiction debut. Before an invasion army swallows their realm, four estranged royal brothers must uncover a new source of magic. It is the first book of an Indian-inspired duology that will appeal to readers of We Hunt the Flame and There Will Come to Darkness, among other books.

  1. “Echoes and Empires” by Morgan Rhodes

Magic is banned in a city where performing it is deadly. A sassy seventeen-year-old must link up with an intriguing criminal to heal herself. She begins to rethink her long-held convictions as she begins to observe life outside of her privileged bubble more clearly.

This is the first book in a new duology from the New York Times, best-selling author of the Falling Kingdoms series about forbidden magic and terrifying secrets. This novel’s fast pace is due to unexpected storyline twists and turns.

The combination of deep character development and the creation of complicated, fascinating relationships will leave readers wanting more.

  1. “The Temperature of Me and You” by Brian Zepka

When Dylan Highmark was younger, he never imagined falling in love, much alone finding a lover who turns his summer into all he’d wished it might be. Until Jordan, his little community didn’t have many opportunities for boys like him.

Their attraction becomes more vital as they get to know one another, but when Dylan feels unwell for almost two weeks, he questions if it’s just the infatuation making him sick. Despite Jordan’s appeals, Dylan is eager to know the details of the situation.

Will Jordan’s love be strong enough to withstand the impact of his disclosures when he exposes truths that are literally out of this world?

  1. “The Helheim Princess” by Tiana Warner

Sigrid has always longed to be a Valkyrie, but she’s just a steady hand. Mariam is called upon when she has a vision via the Eye. Fate has different intentions as her affections for Mariam intensify. What happens if your chance threatens to destroy the nine worlds?

It is a fantasy romance for LGBTQ+ people based on Norse mythology. There is a Sapphic twist to Norse mythology, majestic steeds and Valkyries, and deadly journeys.

Tiana Warner’s The Helheim Princess is a young adult (YA) fantasy adventure tale about pursuing your destiny with bravery and making the correct decisions after you’ve found it.

  1. “These Deadly Games” by Diana Urban

Meet the peak of the psychological thriller mystery genre! A terrifying video indicating that her sister has been kidnapped leads Crystal to feel forced to participate in the abductor’s game of performing bizarre things.

These Deadly Games is a thrilling race against the clock full of surprising twists, betrayal, and peril that poses the horrifying question: To protect your sister, whom would you be willing to harm?

This novel is a must-read for lovers of race-against-the-clock thrillers that keep you glued to the page. It’s filled with Diana Urban’s signature ethically ambiguous characters and fast-paced revelations.

  1. The Bone Spindle by Leslie Vedder

Fiona, sometimes known as Fi, has been cursed by a spindle and must find a means to rid herself of the spell before it takes her life. Not helping matters is that the only thing that can rescue her is love.

With the curse comes Briar Rose, the spirit of a prince who has fallen asleep waiting for Fi’s kiss or true love to awaken him. When Fi needs a mate, she seeks Shane, a fierce warrior lady from the north.

They must work together to remove a century-old curse on Briar Rose while coping with dark magic, witchcraft, and a love neither of them had ever expected to discover.

  1. “Love, Decoded” by Jennifer Yen

Gigi Wong, a high school student-driven to excel owing to her closest friend, Kyle. The first prize in her school’s app writing contest is a desired tech internship and an outstanding success for her college application. 

She recruits Etta, a brand-new student and coding genius; however, as the app becomes popular, Gigi finds herself embroiled in a controversy that puts her relations with the people she loves the most at risk of being destroyed.

With Jenny Han’s trademark wit and heart, and the author of A Taste for Love’s trademark humor, comes a new rom-com that is both heartwarming and humorous about one teen’s mission to help her pals find love.

  1. “Love Somebody” by Rachel Roasek

Love Somebody is a romantic comedy story about three teens who fall in love. Sam Dickson & Christian Powell, high school best friends, attempted dating for roughly six months before realizing that remaining friends was the best choice.

Ros Shew, a shy student who loves to stay to herself, has just become Christian’s newest obsession. When Christian’s first meeting with Ros goes wrong, he turns to his ex-girlfriend and closest friend for assistance.

Sam promises to assist Christian in communicating with his intelligent new love interest to win her over. But as Sam spends more time with Ros, she realizes she is falling in love with her.

Wrapping Up,

The time has come for all of you bookworms to get started on your reading list! There is something for everyone who enjoys young adult books. These young adult books, ranging from mystery to fairytales, will entice you to remain inside and read them all the way through.

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