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Wakacje.pl The best Website For Tourists

Wakacje.pl is a flagship brand belonging to the Wakacje.pl SA company. Wakacje. pl’s mission is to satisfy all the tourist needs of Poles, which is why they are constantly developing its products. The group’s portfolio includes the following brands: Lato.pl, My Travel, Wakacyjny Świat, EasyGo, and Parklot. pl. They have been part of Wirtualna Polska Holding since 2015.

The Wakacje.pl website and a network of stationary salons throughout the country are places where Poles compare and buy trips with the support of experienced holiday advisors.

A wide selection of offers

At Wakacje.pl, they have thousands of tours – choose and buy one that you will love. Exotic or Europe? Beach or skiing? Leisure or sightseeing? Foreign or Poland? They also offer travel insurance, airport parking, and holiday vouchers.

Any way to buy

At Wakacje.pl, you can buy a trip on one of the 3 channels:

  • online 24 hours a day,
  • by phone 7 days a week,
  • in one of over 200 stores across Poland.

Guarantee of quality

At Wakacje.pl, for 22 years they have been helping Poles to choose and book perfectly tailored holidays and they maintain the position of a leader in the OTA (online travel agency) industry. They work with trusted tourism and technology partners.

Price guarantee and safe shopping

At Wakacje.pl, you pay the same as at a travel agency – no commission or additional costs. Safe transactions are guaranteed by Wakacje.pl entities recognized on the market.

Unique products

At Wakacje.pl you can buy offers that you will not find anywhere else. Certain Holidays promise, a wide selection of insurance and the offer of selected travel agencies available only with Wakacje.pl.

Travel under control

Use the free account of the Customer Panel. Say thanks to Wakacje.pl, you have access to all departure details, current travel documents, and payment status.

Why To Chooose Wakacje.pl 

  • Number 1leader on the market of organized tourist trips
  • 56 203offers of travel agencies
  • 150countries on offer
  • 1,000,000people went on vacation with Wakacje.pl 
  • 22years of experience
  • 212showrooms all over Poland

Values ​​Wakacje.pl Believe In

Understanding the customer

Wakacje.pl know that its clients want to go on their dream vacation, and they just want to make those dreams come true. They are ambassadors of their clients in relations with travel agencies. They advise on the selection and take care of all formalities related to the trip.


They know that as a market leader they have an influence on the holiday choices of Poles and they take responsibility for every aspect of their work. A well-chosen offer, an indication of trends, reliable information about the changing market and products are Wakacje-.pl priorities in a responsible relationship with customers and business partners.


Wakacje. pl strive for unconventional solutions and they are constantly looking for new opportunities. They implement new products and change, thanks to which they have been ahead of the competition for many years and offer its clients new products and services. They implement unique solutions to help clients easily and safely book holidays in any way.


Every day they carry out its mission and measure the effects of its work. Wakacje. pl’s goal is to effectively implement products and solutions that will help in choosing and buying the perfect vacation. The best measure of effectiveness is the satisfaction of customers who come back to Wakacje.pl for another vacation.


Wakacje. pl are passionate about what they do, so they want to infect people with the love to travel and explore the world. They believe that good vibes come about through exchange, action, commitment, and optimism. They create such vibrations every day and pass them on.

Honesty and openness

Wakacje.pl are curious about the world and people around it, they listen to their clients and each other. Wakacje.pl are open to criticism, but they do not allow hate. Every day they answer hundreds of questions about traveling and they adhere to the principle that every question is good. Wakacje. pl, collect and present honest and reliable opinions about their entire offer.


Wakacje.pl focuses on the exchange of experiences, views, and teamwork. Wakacje.pl are open to dialogue and the pursuit of common goals not only within the company, but also with its business partners, competitors, and the local environment. Wakacje.pl care for a friendly atmosphere and partnership relations.



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