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When & How To Start Gearing Up For Christmas ?

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December, but we start gearing for it much in advance. Depending upon what all we plan for it. It unofficially begins on the 1st of November. We love Christmas for the simple reason that it comes only once a year and that too at the end. Shop Now At Boohooman

We can better celebrate it if we plan it much in advance and prepare. We are to plan for the online retailing gifts and accessories for our friends and families. From November to the end of December is the time we afford for Christmas preparation.

When should you think about Christmas Start?

It starts earlier than believed to begin with. About 40% of people start shopping for Christmas before Halloween, and more than half of them start shopping in September. or even before that. Another 40% start shopping in November, and the meager 15% wait till December. Only 3% of Americans wait for shopping till the last moment. Of course, those above 60 keep an eye for a suitable gift for their grandchildren throughout the year. They even make out a list of all they could have once the occasion arrives. 

While planning, the eCommerce websites are their preferred choice for pre-purchase research, according to the Delo0ittere Holiday Survey of 2018. This implies that customers look for Christmas gifts much earlier than expected. Google’s “Where to Buy” doesn’t start increasing until the early period of December? On the other hand, searches for gift ideas start gearing up in early August. Thus the Christmas research for shopping begins during the summer season.

The Early Bird!

It always pays to be early. So, instead of waiting for December to knock at your door, you should start your searches in August… After the Black Friday or Thanksgiving weekends, you can begin your specific and direct Google Search. Is it advisable for other online retailers to initiate their gearing around that timing? No, it’s not advisable

The online retailer should be ready for gearing only when customers are prepared to think about Christmas. The survey of Deloitte has found that the early Christmas shoppers spend the highest amount. On average, it could be said that the early shoppers spend $370 more compared to their late shopping counterparts. This indicates to the online retailer that the online retailers need to start getting ready earlier than their online audiences. Shop Now At Boohooman

Preparation for Christmas Rush!

The very word Christmas rush may sound a little hectic when the whole effort is concentrated on preparation for Christmas. Of course, some issues may ultimately lead to a “rush,” such as the product description, sizes, and specification. Therefore, you should ensure that your customer makes an informed purchase. It will be a good idea for you to keep yourself prepared for the increased sales volume at this time of the year. You can take the following three aspects into account:

1: Inventory Management

You cannot afford to disappoint your customers on this significant occasion. The old, outdated inventory management method will not serve your latest need. It would help if you went in for digital and automated solutions. They keep track of the orders made through many websites; the digitalized methods also give you real-time stock updates.

These automated updates are essential for customer-oriented data that helps your inventory management. Low stock leads to urgency, which in turn boosts conversions. Customers should not scare off the fear of missing out or FOMO. 

2: Process Efficiency

The online retailers expect to see an increased volume of sales during Christmas. But they succeed in getting a better share in the market as long as they have a better listing. They need to attract and engage their target audience for increased conversion. Sellers make more profit. Some sellers are overwhelmed with orders. They find themselves rushed with orders.

Even if overwhelmed with orders, online retailers can provide satisfactory services to their customers. The online eCommerce should therefore be automated. Consistency and timeliness should be maintained in tracking the products, shipping them, and invoicing. You can make yourself available for other essential tasks.

3: Communication

There is no doubt that the customers for Christmas put a lot of time, treasure, and talent into finding out the best gifts they could give to their loved ones.  To ensure price, quality, and design, they may compare a product with many websites, online retailers, and manufacturers. This scanning process may sometimes be a little complicated. As a result, some online retailers get more queries at this point.

One of the significant constraints in online buying is that, as in brick-n-mortar shops, you can physically see or touch the products in person; thereby, online retailers need to be prepared to respond to any question related to the products quickly accurately. They have to believe in what they see in the photographs exhibited by the online retailer. If the prospective customers are satisfied with the answers, they are converted to buyers. Moreover, if other terms and conditions are to their satisfaction, they become a repeat purchaser and may even express their loyalty to the products.

Influence of Retailer Influence!

Researches, however, say that these three aspects of inventory management, communication, and process efficiency may not make much of a difference. Doolittle says that 30% of their planned buying is finalized while shopping for Christmas, and 20% are unplanned.

Pre-Christmas may have a significant impact on customer behavior. But, it should not be forgotten that the customer is the Boss. Keeping that in mind, online retailers will provide the best of their services. Similarly, what you are doing now in preparation for the Christmas season could influence buying decisions at the time that helps your ecommerce business will get an edge over the competitors. You are positioned advantageously.


Gearing up on time is vital; thereby, follow our data to ensure you are up and with significant profits during this festive season. We wish you lots of luck and life this Christmas! Shop Now At Boohooman



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