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Winter Break Is Here—These 37 Sale Finds Will Keep You Busy

Is anyone else in an online-shopping hole, or is it just me? 

Actually, I know it’s not just me because all of my friends are reporting the same thing. The group chats have been flooded with “Should I buy this?” If you have to ask, my answer is almost always yes. My friends know I’m an online-shopping enabler. My favorite online retailers must be well aware of the fact that I’m on a little break from work and the boredom is setting in because I’m seeing discounts of up to 75% off, and I’m most definitely tempted.

As the endless scrolling persists, I’ve decided to take a break from my break because some of the pieces I’ve found are just too good not to share. There are thousands of items that are deeply discounted right now, so I’m here to report that I’ve found the 37 best.

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